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    The Other Anders

      I think it is amazing how they keep exploring The Tower, instead of playing the festivals safe with oldies but goodies. Most bands surely would play it safe, as they look upon the festivals as showcases. But this band? Nope. You're always welcome to join the caravan, but this is right where we are, right now. Take it or leave it!

      Again, what's not to love?

      Another perspective:

      2 out of 8 songs were oldies (and goodies, I'd argue) = 25% of the setlist.

      These oldies took up 50/120 mins = 42% of the playing time.

      And as we all know: 42 is the meaning of life. Case closed. :D

      The Other Anders

        @kjesso: Great report on your blog. So nice to read it in nynorsk.


          @ The Other Anders: 42:02 of Unchaining the space…

          There might be something up on Dime later today.

          This was a real spaced out show.

          Herzberg with Reine Fiske…very cool.


            After Un chien, Bent said: "Hello, and welcome to jazzfestival"…

            Punj Lizard
              the visitant

                I totally want to hear MP with Ola's violin now!

                I have to admit, I've played the Unicorn loads, and of course there are a ton of string and horn arrangements on there, but I can't really recall any solo violin features right now. But of course Ola is on there as one of the main collaborators. I should revisit. There's probably a great solo that I've missed all this time.


                @kjesso Great!

                @theotheranders Spot on! 100% (and btw: 5×7+7=42, it all adds up;)

                @thevisitant Word! Me too. And still waiting for the great Unicorn DVD. Or why not a NRK TV-special. They’re so lazy with their music programming these days. The Molde show? Or of course the Unicorn with capes and all. They must have filmed the opera performance. Still so much in the MP vaults. A demo basement/bunker tapes compilation? And I really hope they will play more with Ola ahead. And Kristoffer of course. Great setup.


                  @ everybody: Thanks for the kind words re the blog. The blog's been going since 2009, so there are reports from all MP shows I've witnessed since then. The first of them, from Bergen, October 2009, includes a brief outline of how I've followed Motorpsycho since 1992.

                  @otheranders: you can claim a bonus point for your positive words about nynorsk. I may be mistaken after all these years, but I have a hunch that we met briefly in the line at Moldejazz in 2002, waiting to be admitted to the Motorpsycho show back then.


                  Traktorbass: when I talked to Snah at Lyse netter he said that they would take the tower stuff as far as they could



                    Got a few more pictures from the Molde show here.


                      Great pictures, Thor. As usual, I'm tempted to say, but they're special. Like the first one best – and the heavy contrast Bent of No.7 stepping on his pedals right out of the saddle.

                      Waht do we learn here? Violin players give good motives – it doesn't matter how thick the four strings are ;-)


                        Thor, if you ever decide to crowdfund a Motorpsycho picture book, I will back you! There also won't be any discussion about the language of the book, so what are you waiting for!?

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                      …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994