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      In every dream home




      Ship of fools


      Pacific sonata


      Plan #1

      The Tower

      Clocked in at around 2:30, Taifun through Ship of Fools were my high lights. Oh, and Lars Horntveth joined them tonight! Adding keys, gitar, slide guitar and flute. Intimate and small venue, great for their jammy mood for the evening.


        STG!!!! :STG:

        boomer former helm

          Plan #1 :MPD:


            The venue ran out of beer!

            Besides that a great gig. The setlist a little too heavy on the heavy Tower stuff, but with some really nice songs from the golden era.

            Good sound too. Less bass, more vocals (really high in the mix)and a lot of Snah and Lars.

            The Other Anders

              Glad to see Lacuna/Sunrise back in the set!


                Go to California was on the list, but was crossed out in favour of The tower. Hate GOT (the start of the downfall), but at that point it would have been a nice break from all The Tower songs.


                  Nice evening in Kolbotn yesterday!

                  Sound was surprisingly good (a little hard to hear Lars at times), intimate venue and

                  a pretty good performance. Only downer was a predictable setlist. I think they can skip a couple of the Tower songs now; they're not able to do anything exciting live with Cuckoo and Bartok.

                  Highlights: STG (Snah with double-neck), Lacuna (Bent & Snah with double-necks!), Dream Home, Sonata (beautiful steel guitar by Lars) and the Starhammer/Plan #1 combo was killer!

                  Oh and Bent introduced Lars as Jørgen Munkeby of Shining :lol:


                    Really enjoyed the show yesterday. Very nice venue with very good sound.

                    Agree With otherdemon that the setlist is becoming predictable. But I still enjoy The Tower songs. This was the best version of Ship of Fools I have seen.

                    Punj Lizard

                      I'm a little disappointed not to see any new material in the set as I had hoped that with the inclusion of Horntveth they might play one or two. But I'm keeping fingers crossed for one or both of Lacuna/Sunrise and STG on Saturday as they're two tracks I love but have yet to see performed. I'd also be happy to see Cuckoo and Bartok replaced. Go To California with Lars's flute would be sweet.


                        Excellent gig! Great sound (apart from when Snah played his 12-stringer – those pick ups should be adjusted!). Spent the first 3/4 of the show in the back, right in front of the sound guy, Snah's side. Snuck in the door that lead me FOS later. The sound was even better there.

                        Lars contributed with sorely needed stuff, imo, as the variety in sound and arrangements are stuff that Motorpsycho do great on albums, but struggle a bit with live, imo.

                        This is by far the best singing I've ever heard on a Motorpsycho-show (This was my 10th show), too.

                        Seemingly, the HBM and Tower-albums have big songs that are hard to lay to rest. They must be really proud of them, since they're not mixing up the setlist a bit more.

                        But who am I to complain? It was a lovely show, in a VERY small club. An ultimate experience :STG:


                          The setlist looks very very fine. Will have a listen soon.

                          STG back! And a back-to-back of my beloved Starhamster with Plan#1.

                          Na, c'mon, dear Lizard, why should they do already any new material which is just in the

                          progress? Don't be "ungeduldig" (as we say here in Tyskland). All will come to it's time.

                          Meanwhile…I'm still enjoying one of the best "Wheel" ever from Burg Herzberg.

                          That one even dropped my jaw on that hot summer night.

                          Now let's go for BIELEFELD!

                          Punj Lizard

                            @ Spacebandit – Ha ha. I guess the only reason I'm "ungedulig" is because it would be the first time I see MP play a song that isn't released yet! But to be honest, I'm just happy to be there. Every one of my five MP shows has been special in some way, so I know that no matter what they play, it's going to be another fantastic and special show. Without even realising, I waited decades to find out about and see MP. I think I can wait another few months to hear new material ;)


                              Something's up on DIME now…sorry for the delay but I had taping duties on my own.


                              Hi , could someone mail me the flac files , I dont have Dime account. Would appreciate that. My email is : clvabe@yahoo.no


                              Thanks Spacebandit for the link. Very much appreciated.

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