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      Tickets go on sale tomorrow, apparently.


        Setlist (from memory):








        Ship of Fools





        Plan #1

        Go to California

        The Tower

        Length approx. 2h40min


          Nice! California is a weird encore :) Still no spoilers of the new material…interesting


            Ah man, why couldn't they have busted out The Wheel + GTC @ Kolbotn? :(


              This was my very first MP concert. I completely lost my shit when they finished on Plan #1 before the encore. Definitely one of the best concert experiences I've had.


                @ Coffin Varnish: You'll get used to it. Every show grows better…

                Setlist looks very fine. But I think STG->Lacuna is the right order?

                Haven't heard an evidence yet. But Feel-Wheel-Plan is a good combination.

                And a HAMSTER as CANopener…well…congrats. Think I never got that and a Wheel in one show!


                @Spacebandit: I'm pretty sure Lacuna came just before S.T.G, I could see Snah's setlist from where I was standing.

                I'm really looking forward to seeing them again. I've never seen middle-aged dudes play with enthusiasm to rival any band of teenagers. They have the tightest rhythm section and definitely the most talented guitarist I've ever seen perform live. + those racks of effects and stompboxes were a sight to behold!


                  The setlist I wrote is definitely subject to debate. I'm positive of the first three and the last five, but track 4-10 may definitely be a bit messed up, except I know S.T.G was followed by P.P.P. But I don't think I forgot any tracks…at least I hope so! :P

                  Great gig, though. I normally tape shows, but decided to skip that this time. Instead I was standing practically dead center at the front rail, next to some VERY enthusiastic headbangers (a death metal three-piece from Arendal, I learned afterwards). Man, watching the chemistry between the guys was amazing. Snah in particular had some wonderful looks in the direction of Bent – he looked like a man in love. :P

                  Also, during STG, on the first instance where they do their lovely "holding guitars high in unison" move, Snah's guitar strap came loose. After a few pleading glances back to the guitar tech, the strap was reattached and Snah bowed to him in a comically formal manner, before getting back into business.

                  A bad side effect to standing with the bass rack in my left ear and the guitar rack in my right, was that my ears were REALLY shot after the show. The sheer volume blew straight through my (admittedly cheap) ear plugs, and my hearing was bad for 2-3 days after the show. I've since noticed that it's kicked my (slight) tinnitus up a notch, I'm guessing permanently. :(


                  @TAF I was among said headbangers 😂

                  It was clear to us that we reduced the age average by quite a bit, and we probably looked like morons to the older prog audience who may have some reservations about physically expressing their enthusiasm for the music through more than nods. 😅


                    Nods? Slight toe tapping at the most.

                    Inside the shoes.



                    @ThorEgil Eerily accurate description. Two freaks I encountered at an Alice in Chains concert I attended in Milwaukee summarized it pretty well (in reaction to a passive audience): "For fuck's sake people! It's a rock concert!"


                      @Coffin Varnish: You did not look like morons. Where would rock be without youthful exuberance and enthusiasm? ;)

                      Me, I contented myself with nodding approvingly while grinning and staring at the lads on stage. I was probably creepy as all hell, except I guess they're used to it. :P


                      @TAF judging by the looks Bent and Snah were giving each other, your grinning was far from creepy :P

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