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      Still a few weeks to go for another great experience with the universe's best band.

      I'm just wondering if there might be an admission for audience/audio taping with a micstack

      from the board area. I don't think there is trouble with the venue at all (my hometurf), but

      if our dear PSYCHONAUTS say "no" I've to accept. But as a long-time taper and always trying

      to provide the best – free-for-everybody – sound that would be gracing me in heart and soul.


        Huhh? Are you saying that someone doesn't like your tapes??


          That reminds me of my adventures as a young taper – smuggled a cheap cassette walkman into Frankfurt Festhalle in my trousers (used to do so for several concerts) only to find a written sign on the actual entrance: "Taper's section behind the mixing desk".

          It was the 1990 Grateful Dead gig of course…


            Oh dear Johnny…I've been to all german concerts of the mighty DEAD back then in 1990.

            Except for Frankfurt. A Berlin DARK STAR…well…surealistic.

            Anyway, times go on further up the road and I think it's time to leave the RAMPENSAU place

            for other younger people. Still I try to do my best.

            Tusen takk to Thor Egil. If it works I will not disappoint anyone. Not even my ViKINGS.

            Grateful Dead will be forever my fave band, and THEY know WHY.

            The Other Anders

              Looking forward to a recording, especially now that I cannot go to Bielefeld after all. I have a ticket for sale, btw…


                Hi Spacebandit!

                Which device do you use for your recordings? I hope it's OK, that I ask, and it's not a taper's secret. Do you live in Bielefeld?

                Kid A

                  Wrong thread


                  Any suggestions where to meet before the concert?


                    If nothing else pops up – the Biergarten / Restaurant at the corner of the Forum was OK last time to have sth., also to eat as well. 6pm the latest I'd say :o

                    Guybrush Threepwood

                        @ jig: no, I don't live in BI, but I got friends there for overnight stay.

                        Recording equipment is my "new toy": LineAudio CM3 capsule mics on a micophone stack at

                        max. 2.7 meters into a Zoom H5. Most likely from the soundboard as I hope for power supply.

                        Those mics eat batteries like a spider flies. I have a new powerbank with me but I don't

                        know how long that lasts. Y'know MP is 160-180 min. continued performance.

                        But if they say "no" to that I still have the OKM2R mics -> Zoom H2n.

                        I will figure out in the afternoon what will go. Forum's usually taperfriendly so it

                        depends on the ViKINGS. But I got some bribary vinyl with me…hehehe…

                        @ tomcat: will figure out what my BI hosts are saying. At least 7pm at the venue.

                        And sorry to say – this is my only show of this "inter-" tour.

                        CU Psychonauts tomorrow in the city that doesn't exist.

                        Oh, and btw – it's 100th anniversary of end of 1st WW.

                        Guybrush Threepwood

                          A suggestion: How about the Platzhirsch on the boulevard? A 10 Minutes walk to the forum.



                          Alright, pre-show meeting in Platzhirsch. We'll be there from 5:30 pm.



                          Year 0

                          Manmower -> Internet Explorer -> Manmower

                          Dream Home




                          Ship of Füüls


                          Pacific Sonata

                          The Cuckoo


                          Lux Aeterna*


                          Fools Gold


                          Punj Lizard

                            Nice set list – and a new song! Hope you all enjoyed the show.

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                          …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994