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      Probably the adequate MP 30th anniversary celebration – didn't it all start with a record bying excurstion to London in 1989? At least the now legendary Russ Meyer name choice happened then…


      I think on previous tours they've got funding from the Norwegian Arts Council (or whatever it's called) for their UK gigs.

      I can't imagine going from Hamburg – Utrecht via London makes them much money given the small venues they've played.


        I'm not so sure about the fundig part, atleaste the earliest gigs. The band was releuctant to take grants and I belive the gigs was pure loose money affairs and they was secured throug making money on gigs in Netherlands and Germany. Not that I had a insight in the band economy though . :roll:


        It's called "Arts Council Norway".

        I don't know about Motorpsycho in particular, but they helped a lot of (mostly young, uprising) bands and artists touring Europe.


          A guy from Rough Trade Records East London wrote me to MPNEws on FB a few hours before the gig if it could be moved to their store. I only read it the next day.


            A guy from the RT store offered to that? Wow. Opportunity for next time then :-) And hey, there are nice shops over here as well ;-)


              I've sorted the perfect UK solution. I'll create a 'psych fest' here in the Midlands and invite the boys to perform as headliners :)

              It's been a while since i put gigs on mind. Had some amazing UK tours with Acid Mothers Temple though back in the day


                Watching the video I was afraid Snah would nod his head off!


                  …surely not while truckin' with Satan!

                  the visitant

                    What a wonderful concert! The first five songs really break my heart, so beautiful. 'Trixeene'! After that they're kicking back and having fun with 'Spin spin spin' and 'Eagle's son'.

                    You can feel how intimate it was in the recording.

                    Thanks again, Punj Lizard.


                      I should have posted here the message I posted on the Spring 2019 Tour Highlights thread. If this thread is of interest, have a look there too. Here is what I wrote there about the filming of the Flashback acoustic set. Sorry to repeat myself.

                      I have given Flashback Records a call. It is Kieran (sp?) there who set the whole thing up. It's not him but his boss interviewing Bent and Snah in the vid. Kieran said that John Murphy, who filmed the set, had been difficult to get hold of ever since, and said something about him going on holiday (which he had mentioned to me). Perhaps it's a long holiday. Kieran suggested it might be possible to message him through his TouTube site. I've no idea how to go about that, but he posted the interview as plain 'John Murphy' – maybe someone can give him a nudge.

                      Kieran said he would chase it up. If anyone feels like encouraging Kieran in this, the number for Flashback in Shoreditch is 020 3780 1900 (assuming you're calling from within the UK).


                      One of the reasons (I suspect at least) that MP is not bigger in the UK is that they get very little relevant or appropriate music press coverage at least not in the mags I read and I read a lot of them. By comparison you can't open Prog Magazine without some feature on Big Big Train, Riverside, IQ etc. Perhaps they just need a promoter here.


                        Never say never…

                        It's just been posted to YouTube:

                        Sounds alright!

                        Punj Lizard

                          @suntripper – Thanks. :)

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                        …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994