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    Punj Lizard

      According to setlist.fm:

      The Waning Pts 1 & 2

      The Crucible


      Running With Scissors

      Ship of Fools



      Like Chrome

      The Tower


      Plan #1

      Vortex Surfer (on the setlist as "VS (Eller no' sånt!)")


        Ship of Fools is back!!! A first on this tour I think?

        and no NOX for some days… hopes arise for tomorrow.


          Ship Of Fools is a premiere on this tour. This is already song no. 59! Motorpsycho have already played 59 songs on this tour, this is unbelievable.


            I was at this one and Trezzo. Torino was definitely much much better in terms of sound quality (or maybe it's just that everything sounds great after Trezzo? haha) but I was a bit disappointed in the setlist, especially after the amazing one they played in Trezzo. Also, in Torino they played no more than 2 hours, perhaps a couple of minutes less than that. I'm sad that I didn't get to hear NOX (nor United Debased, nor Transmutation, which imho are the 2 standout tracks on KOO), and yesterday was a bit too focused on the 2016-2019 period, which is great but those are all songs which I've seen live a lot. On the plus side, Starhammer was amazing (first time for me with Tomas), I was happy to hear Plan #1 after 12 years, and a show that ends in Vortex Surfer cannot be a bad one, right?

            Regarding the note on the setlist after VS, it means "or something similar", right? Does something similar to VS really exist? :D


            It's been such a long time since the last time I logged in that I do not even remember my original nick… oh well!

            Came here to say that yesterday concert goes directly to the top 3 of my favourite MP concerts ever. The venue was crowded but not packed. There were some technical problems during the first two songs, but the guys quickly regained control and gave an astonishing version of Lacuna/Sunrise with an insane build up in the middle part. Lots of giggles between Tomas and Bent here and there. Other absolute highlights were Ship of Fools and The Tower. AND VS. What a trip. I was gladly surprised by the heavy stonerish vibe of the whole set. I am so glad I smoke weed right before the concert lol.

            Final note, Tomas – needles to say, what a hell of a drummer he is! Without being blatantly technical, his delivery is right on point and he plays some very interesting fills/patterns. Kenneth was an absolute monster, of course, but I feel that Tomas' style better suits MP's current journey.

            The show lasted around 2 hrs. Can't wait for the next concert!


            Surely they played less than usual because of the long trip to Wien


            Hey, now that I think about it (did I mention me being a bit foggy yesterday?): they definitely played NOX part II, maybe before Lacuna? Or did I dream?

            Punj Lizard

              @Juergen – and no. 60 is coming tonight – someone just posted to Facebook a cheeky photo of part of tonight's playlist which was lying on the sound desk.

              Punj Lizard

                @SueIsFine – You didn't mention being foggy but you did say you had had some weed before the show – so maybe high rather than dreaming :lol: Anyway, during the encore at Cologne I was convinced I was listening to them play Starhammer, when in the end it turned out to be The Tower! :lol: I was under the influence of the same herbal remedy as you :wink:



                  No, I really don't think that any part of NOX was played, certainly not before Lacuna, and it's not on the setlist. Perhaps you're thinking of Running with Scissors?



                  Oh ok… I must be wrong then, sorry :D


                    Ian Gillan anecdote (from gillan.com):

                    Black Sabbath and Motorhead were doing an open air show in Dublin. I watched the Motorhead show from start to finish, as usual, it felt as if I'd strapped a Boeing 747 to each ear.

                    Later in the dressing room the guitar player said to Lemmy "Here, we never done our new single".

                    Lemmy turns and says "I done it second".

                    Philthy says "I done it fifth".



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                    …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994