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      Anyone been to Hellseatic yesterday?

      Found out (thanks instagram) that Reine was with them and at least Dreamhome, Hell(seatic) and Lurker were played.

      One hour slot altogether? Any further info at hand?

      Opened this thread so just have to comment ­čśç



        I think I heard Rock Bottom in an Instagram clip as well…

        boomer former helm

          Also Mona Lisa/Azrael was played (source also Insta post)

          Great King Rat

            I was there last night but can’t provide the whole setlist. They opened with The ladder, followed by a long, rocky Dreamhome. There was also an Ueber- sth (maybe pilgrim?), the Lurker, Hell pt.1 (at least), Azrael as the second last and Rock bottom as the closer, introduced by Bent as “an old German classic”.

            Their slot was supposed to be 90 min. but they started half an hour late due to technical problems and got 15 min more in the end, so alltogether it was 75 min. Without the tech problems they would*ve played at least one more, I guess.

            The location was in the midst of an old industrial area with high brick buildings with thrown-in windows all around, quite fitting for a (largely) metal event. The crowd mainly consisted of metal heads, a bit younger on average than at the usual MP-show. I met a few psychonauts but I’d say most people were not familiar with the band. However, most of them were quite attentive and obviously interested in what they saw. I’d say about 2 -300 people watched the whole show. Most appreciated were Hell and Rock bottom in the end. For me, Dreamhome and Azrael were the highlights.

            The sound was crystal clear, Bent, Snah and Reine were clearly distiguishable throughout the show. There was a lot of guitar work and some nice soloing by Snah, it reminded my a bit of Hannover earlier this year but with the huge difference of a far better sound last night. Overall a good show, especially considering that it was a festival gig which just doesn’t provide the intimacy and time as an indoor solo show does. But still, good to see them and I also think they might have impressed some people who hadn’t known them yet.


              Thanks for the report! That does sound worthwile indeed. There were reservations about the combination of set-lenght and price for a day ticket but given the enviroment, the setlist and the overall vibe it sounds like a show worth the fairly steep price of admission (for just one band) and certainly an event I would have enjoyed.


                Is there any way for plebs like me to see these Insta clips?


                  According to setlist scan on FB (thx to Jochen)

                  The Ladder
                  Dream Home
                  The Waning
                  Hell 1-3
                  Mona Lisa/Azrael
                  Rock Bottom

                  Live debut of The Ladder. First performance of ML/A post AA release.

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                  Great King Rat

                    I agree with the doubts about the price, and the two-day-ticket would’ve been only 15,-Euros more but I couldn’t make the other day so I went for just Friday night.

                    Overall, the atmosphere was very pleasant. Probably, because at niche events like that you don’t have random festival tourists like on the Hurricane (f.ex.) but only dedicated fans. Also, all metal fans I know are really friendly people…

                    There was someone by the Hellseatic crew filming quite a few songs, though maybe not all of them. At youtube you’ll find clips with whole songs from various bands from the first festival a couple of years ago, so maybe we’re gonna be lucky and get some footage that way later.

                    Setlist looks correct.

                    Great King Rat

                      Here’s the aftermovie, gives you a good impression of the event and when you look carefully, you can even spot the guys! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_f-Cjt4WBc
                      No clips of hole songs yet though.


                        Drummer? Who? How?


                          haha that aftermovie. It’s weirdly funny to see MP’s mugs in this environment.

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