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      I asked about the TDDU suite and will answer my question:

      The suite was an excerpt of the full album , about 30 minutes long with those songs:

      Out Of The Woods

      The Hollow Lands

      Through The Veil

      Into The Mystic


        I traveled from Berlin to Leuven for this one off show and boy they made it worthwile. So happy to have seen this concert which saw a psychonaut’s fantasies come to life. Fans had flocked to Leuven from across the continent. Het Depot is a great venue. The former cinema still has cinema seating in the back of the venue from which one can witness a concert in genuine wide screen fashion. Motorpsycho played it safe in the first set, not venturing too far into the unknown, just merely flexing their muscles with regular tunes from the current repertoire, injecting the minor new tune “The Ladder” and ending the set with triple Rock punch of “Rock Bottom > You Lied > Black To Comm”.  The most beautiful moment of this set was a short but soaring and psychedelic jam inside “Greener”. Having warmed up, they were ready to set sail into epicness in the second set, embarking on a 80 minute trip comprised of just three tunes. This set was quite the experience! Hearing “Unicorn” in the third set was a treat as well. I hope this show heralds the beginning of sets era, i.e. them dividing their concerts into sets because it allows a fan to enjoy the mammoth concerts in a more comfortable manner but also because it offers many opportunities for diverse dramaturgic approaches, as this multi-set show convincingly proves. It was lovely to see the touring family again. Last but not least congratulations to Orange Factory for bearing the underground flag for 25 years!


          nothing to add here. But, I‘ve got something to say to you: it was an intense and special night to remember!



            No recordings surfaced yet – I’m getting a little impatient after having to cancel my attendance at last notice. Patience! Patience!

            Ha – Just as the doctor ordered – should’ve gone to DIME straightaway. Spacebandit post up there for 2 hours now…


              I hear from trustworthy sources that Bernie was also there and filmed the whole spectacle :mp: :stg: :mp: :cheers:


                There IS a God!

                Thanks for the heads-up, ThorEgil!

                On the evidence so far, Bernie’s work looks and sounds better than ever! Great dynamic range, including that bottom end! I’m loving ‘Mountain’!

                Clearly, this was a special night!


                  Any chance for an upload outside of Dime. My account somehow got screwed and I lost all my share ratio.


                    Bernie is back! Thanks once again…

                    Mountain is great – and great to look at. Especially the little dance the three guitar players enjoy from minute 2.00 onwards. They shoul’ve donned their ethnic “sacre du printemps” costumes ;-)


                      Very impressed by the sound quality of these clips. Bernie’s the boss.


                        I was on holiday and totally missed this! The show obviously but also that it even happened in the first place!


                        3+ hours!
                        The Unicorn!!!

                        Wow wow wow!


                          Damn, that must have been an amazing concert. If there’s any way to find audience recordings I’d love to hear it!

                          I freaking love TDDU and ELP, I can’t miss this!


                            Given the length of this epic gig, It’s going to take poor Bernie a month of Sundays to get it all out! Deferred gratification isn’t a bad thing, but I can’t wait for the Unicorn stuff!


                              yess !!! i finally figured out how to sign in again to this upgraded forum…pfjoeew !

                              Thanks everyone for the kind words and anticipation. So yeah…me and my friend Sam shot the whole weekend at depot. Im still working on the sound which is so hard because I can only work with what Ive got but luckily everyone brings mics to the shows these days (thanks to TOMCAT for a very crucial on-stage recording :-)

                              The VIMEO account only lets met upload 5GB every wednesday…so its gonna come in spurts. Enjoy

                              x Bernie


                                My doctor says you have to expect that sort of thing with age.


                                  @ffbernie saves the day for all of us who didn’t have the wits to go to this concert. Thank you! :cheers:

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