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      The self confidence, power, energy, timing, fun and madness resulting into something special!

      All of which were lacking in the Verkstedhallen gig, even the sound here is excellent compared to the hopeless stuff last week.


        Nice jazzy drummer, looking forward to see them live.


          Seems like the dust is setling after the the disussions after the show. I must confess I had a terrific night seeing a band in great mood having a terrific night themselves.
          OK, so the singing wasn’t allways perfect (when did they ever do that?). And Olaf isn’t Tomas. Nobody in this world matches Tomas’ hard hitting deadly clinical precision drumming with an affinity for prime number rythmic figures. Get over it. Olaf is a great drummer with other qualities.
          I saw a great show where the crowd was cheering and smiling all the way, and just one single song repeated from last years concert. And I’m really looking forward to the Yule show in December.

          And btw – here are my pics from the show.


            Great photos, thank you!

            I constantly forget, and then I’m constantly amazed (when look at pictures/videos) how Bent plays regular (i.e. not left-handed versions of) guitars/basses upside down.

            Seems like black magic to me (I’m also left-hander, btw).

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            boomer former helm

              Really great pictures if a band in a great mood :cheers:


                That last one of Reine is pretty special!


                  @ Thor: Excellent fotos, as usual…

                  btw.: Olaf’s physiognomy always reminds me of Daevid Allen. Even so when he had longer hair last year at the Berlin gig.
                  So – Let it be said – I love Olaf!


                    Hi from Tyskland,
                    sorryto say, but I have to disagree with most of what has been written here. I like to keep it short.
                    By the time Kenneth left in May 2016, I felt the band has reached extraterrestrial heights with albums like LLM oder HMF. Sure, there were a few weaker albums following, but HBM showed the right direction.
                    With the “Tower-Trilogy” the uncles and Tomas ripped it up totally for me. Most of my favourite shows hail from that era. Yes, you can critize me for not seeing them before 2008 (by accident on Burg Herzberg), but I kew their music since the gorgeous “Wheel” on TM in 1994. But I was on straight Dead-Diet those days and every attempt from friend to pull me over to a show was just “Too heavy, no space”. So, since then I’ve enjoyed a mere 50+ shows, with personal highlights here in Bielefeld, 2008-10-14 + 2022-05-24. Maybe it’s because of that I chose this rather boring city as residence in 2019? LOL…
                    As I’m not too much into viewing videos (most likely those have a suboptimal sound), I more listen to audince recordings. THere were three from the “tour” with Olaf Olsen. Amost same setlist. And…hey…nicely he fits in on the YAY! songs, but he’s not a psychedelic-jazzdrummer. So I realy look forward to seeing them in Oldenburg/Düsseldorf in a few daze.
                    I think with IngWILD, this could be the chance to open the doors of perception again and more.
                    To quote Johnny Heartfield:
                    “There were days and there were days between”The last fine Jerry Garcia song.

                    The Other Anders

                      Motorpsycho at Verkstedhallen & Lobbyen, Trondheim last night

                      Trying to post a link in clean text to see if it goes through. Behind it you find a some pictures from the concert.

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                    …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994