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      Dunk State
      Sideway Spiral III
      Lady May

      The T
      The Alchemyst
      Magic & Wonder
      Rock Bottom
      Up Downstairs
      Drum solo
      Year 0
      Plan #1
      The Wheel

      Guybrush Threepwood

        I can‘t believe it: The Wheel :wacko:

        Mt. Heart Attack

          What a solid show. I do not like SO36 at all, but the sound was damn good. Loved Ingvald’s touch with drums, he has great dynamics and doesn’t overdo. Some very great moments – Alchemist, Year Zero, Lacuna and Superstooge were massive. Believe it or not, but after 16 concerts this was my first complete Wheel (always got only the medley version), it touched the sweet spot somewhere in my brain and I couldn’t hold a couple tears.


            We were on the bus – for sure :stg:


              Judging from the recent setlists and the reportz from the shows it looks like the magic bus indeed has arrived! Wish there were more shows right away.

              Why not start the tour from the top again and treat us all to a tour encoré? :stg:

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                I am deeply satisfied and blessed with this tour, the last show and the only (bombastic) wheel! ❤️


                  Sounds great! How long was the show? How far did the wheel roll? ;)


                    Did they touch Kanaan’s great version of The Wheel?


                      I really hope some of these recent shows have been captured for the sake of those poor Psychonauts who, like myself, have been unable to attend any of them.

                      Okay, so I got the single some missed out on, but I’d have foregone that in an instant for being able to witness any of these shows you lucky people have been raving about.

                      I’d love to hear The Wheel with Ingvald driving.


                        @marc: approx 2:40


                          A big thanks to the unknown psychonaut who gave my son his leftover ticket to the sold out show!



                            any recordings?


                              Of the two nights that I saw of the final part of tour, Dresden and Berlin, the former was clearly the night to see. While Dresden was an outstanding psychedelic highlight with a sublime cohesion throughout, Berlin was a bit of a disjointed affair, imo.

                              Berlin was very heavy, big, rocking and proggy. A righteous cleansing for sure! A capital city kinda show as a friend put it.

                              However, the setlist flow didn’t work, there were some fillers (“Magic & Wonder”) and at two points in the show their jams hit a dead end (!!!), when they actually had to restart with Bent counting in “One, two, three”. When did that ever happen? There were only three jams: “Lady May” (wonderful!), “Tower” and “Lacuna”. “Rock Bottom” was a lot of fun and actually smoking hot. “Year Zero” was totally redone, very heavy and suprising and “Superstooge” was too loud, very brutal and sort of disturbing in its brief noisy onslaught. Generally good punchy but well defined sound throughout the night.

                              When they came out Bent introduced them as “Wir sind die psychotischen Motoren…er…sorry…Motor*innen”, which made me chuckle. Ingvald’s drum solo was prompted by the crowd who let MP know that he IS the new drummer now. It seemed at first he wouldn’t know what do with his solo, Bent sneered, as if to say, alright, now show us what you can pull off, set down his bass and left the stage. Poor Ingvald, he was now the sole entertainer but he managed well :-)

                              Everyone seemed to call “The Wheel” before the show and for sure we got it. A 20 minute version, well played for a tour debut. The first heavy section felt like a military march, kinda stiff and strict. I didn’t like it in the moment but thought it quite fitting the next day. There were some sour vocals. I would have prefered a well oiled tour staple with a jam instead the tour debut of a classic with a fixed structure that I am lucky enough to have caught on each tour since 2017. But I do realize that is only me because most others got a major kick from the one and only “The Wheel”. That being said “Plan #1” and “The Wheel” to end a sold out concert in a city they have been playing since 1993 is of course huge…

                              Ps: Where can hear I Kanaan’ version of “The Wheel”? Wow, didn’t know that…

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                              …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994