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    As we are approaaching to the 30th anniversary of the first known Motorpsycho show (April 29, 1990 @ UFFA, Trondheim), I've spent some time updating my live stats on the band, and I believe I should have track of ALL their concerts and setlists, as far as data exist.

    So, I want to share some of those data, if you're geek enough to appreciate!

    It's a pity that I didn't do this update BEFORE the last tour, because apparently in this tour Moptorpsycho played their CONCERT #1000! It should be happened in Belgium, 4th of October, Salle Baudouin IV, Braine-le-Comte.

    Would have been the excuse for some special concert or celebration or whatsoever… One thousand concerts is a great goal for any band, moreover if it's a band in this great health status! Well, we'll celebrate #2000 then!

    One of the most interesting things about 2019 is that it's been the year with MOST CONCERTS since Geb's departure from band! Including the next two gigs scheduled in december, it's a total of 56 concerts! It's the third year for number of concerts after 1997 and 2002. Not bad for two guys in their 50s…

    1990: 9

    1991: 24

    1992: 19

    1993: 55

    1994: 49

    1995: 54

    1996: 56

    1997: 71

    1998: 50

    1999: 43

    2000: 53

    2001: 32

    2002: 62

    2003: 7

    2004: 5

    2005: 0

    2006: 31

    2007: 9

    2008: 39

    2009: 26

    2010: 23

    2011: 26

    2012: 32

    2013: 31

    2014: 35

    2015: 15

    2016: 29

    2017: 40

    2018: 33

    2019: 56

    This list includes festivals, special gigs (like "The World" presentation, or "Un Chien d'Espace" presentation), but not TV shows or side-projects (No Tussler here!)


    Where did the guys play in their career? Of course Norway is the most toured country, but what about the others? And how many countries did they hit?

    378: Norway

    228: Germany

    116: The Netherlands

    93: Italy

    33: Belgium

    31: Switzerland

    29: Denmark

    21: Sweden

    17: United Kingdom

    15: Spain

    9: Austria

    7: Japan, United States

    6: France, Luxembourg

    3: China

    2: Greece, Finland, Hungary, Poland

    1: Croatia, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia

    More than 80% of the gigs are distributed in four countries only: Norway, Germany, Netherlands and Italy. I'm still surprised that Sweden is only 8th in this chart…

    The total is 25 countries, all in Europe except China, Japan and USA.


    This could be more intriguing: which are, or have been, the band's favourite places to play? This statistic probably doesn't answer the question, as long as they're not the ones who decide where to play for the whole tours, and also because many venues don't exist anymore (i.e. Velvet Club). But for what it's worth, this is what we have. The list includes only venues with more than 5 concerts. Forgive my typos!


    Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo (N)


    Stiftelsen Folken, Stavanger (N)


    Studentersamfundet, Trondheim (N)

    Effenaar, Eindhoven (NL)


    Kulturzentrum Schlachthof, Bremen (D)

    Vera, Groningen (NL)


    Garage, Bergen (N)

    Byscenen, Trondheim (N)

    Veita Scene, Trondheim (N)

    Tivoli, Utrecht (NL)


    Coupole Bienne, Biel / Bienne (CH)

    Velvet Club, Rimini (I)

    Kvarteret, Bergen (N)


    Forum, Bielefeld (D)

    Backstage, Munich (D)

    Bloom, Mezzago (I)

    Rosendal, Trondheim (N)

    UFFA, Trondheim (N)


    Conne Island, Leipzig (D)

    Verkstedhallen, Trondheim (N)

    Paradiso, Amsterdam (NL)

    Doornroosje, Nijmegen (NL)


    Sinus, Bodø (N)

    Studentersamfunnet, Halden (N)


    Arena, Vienna (A)

    Zakk, Düsseldorf (D)


    This is tricky: there's a lot of venues that are in the neighbours of the main city, and I've filed them under the little town. To make the example of my hometown, Milan has only 5 concerts, but you should add Mezzago (9) and Trezzo d'Adda (5) which are in Milan's suburbs, bringing the number to 19… But I won't do that, because I have not these info an ALL european cities! So I'll make the count considering only the effective cities (only with 10 or more gigs):

    82: Trondheim (N)

    63: Oslo (N)

    40: Bergen (N)

    27: Stavanger (N)

    20: Cologne (D)

    19: Berlin (D)

    16: Copenhagen (DK)

    16: Eindhoven (NL)

    15: Hamburg (D)

    14: Amsterdam (NL)

    14: Utrecht (NL)

    13: Bremen (D)

    13: Tromsø (N)

    13: Groningen (NL)

    12: Hanover (D)

    12: Rimini (I)

    12: Kristiansand (N)

    11: Bielefeld (D)

    11: Munich (D)

    11: Bodø (N)

    11: London (UK)

    10: Biel / Bienne (CH)

    So, Trondheim rules over Oslo, and in the "rest of Europe" Koeln leads by one over Berlin!

    Ok, I think it's enough for a sunday morning! Comments and questions are welcome!


      awesome …great work


        Thanx for this work! Quite interesting – I knew it in my bones Cologne is somehow Germany's Motorpsycho capital. In theory you could ad the Düsseldorf performances as Zakk is only about 50 km distance, but bringing Cologne and Düsseldorf together – and be it in name only – is an absolutely no-go in the region ;-)

        You could also combine the Frankfurt/Wiesbaden/Darmstadt performances – only 30 km distance between these places, but very different locations/crowds, so it is adequate to count every place separately.

        I expected more Conne Island/Leipzig shows though. On the other hand almost all of the latter were absolutely mind-blowing performances. General experience has it that some of the best shows are usually at the end of the tours on return from Italy, somehow conserving the energy of the Italian gigs and combining it with the more detail-obsessed attentiveness of the German crowds. Lately there were some mindblowing, very stretched and musically satisfying Italian performances as well – I'm thinking of Avellino, Bresia or Firenze. I find Rimini being No.1 in Italy quite surprising – but considering your separation of the various Milano & sourroundings gigs that may be the case.


        @Johnny_Heartfield: Yeah, aggregations in Germany would be maybe a bit hazardous. For what concerns Milan neighbours, Bloom and Live Club (14 gigs together) are 10km one from the other, and not more than 30 from Milan. Actually, both the town are unknown to anyone in Milan (and the world!) who don't go to Bloom and Live Club to see concerts or play! So, well, it would easily add up to the 5 concerts downtown (none of which was really memorable, to be honest!), AND to the one in Magnolia, which is actually on the BORDER of Milano county!

        About Rimini, well, Velvet was really a great venue, especially in spring/summer when you could take advantage of the lawn behind the venue, even with an artificial lake for fishing! I know the guys loved this place, and I remember sharing with the band some great moments back in 2000, long chats with Geb and some weeds with Bent and Baard for the latter's birthday…

        I'm quite sure that the band wanted to include Velvet as often as possible in their tours. Unfortunately, Velvet closed its activity some ten years ago…

        Great King Rat

          Great effort, BronYAur! That's the nerdy stuff we love around here.

          I hardly remember that dry spell from 2003 to 2005 with only 12 shows, especially 2005 ("Year 0") must have been a terrible year for many here. And only 9 shows in 2007 after they had been "back to normal" in 2006? What was wrong there?

          I would have thought they've played Bremen more often than just 13 times. At least, all but one of those shows were in magic Schlachthof (I reckon I saw half of those), does anyone remember where in Bremen they played that one other show?

            And only 9 shows in 2007 after they had been "back to normal" in 2006? What was wrong there?

            wasn't that the year inbetween jacco and kenneth?


              @GreatKingRat: According to Dampsaba: Wehrschloss, Bremen, 1995-03-12

              Thanks a lot for these stats! I love geeking/nerding out to this kind of info :lol:

              At least concert # 1000 was captured by Bernie!

              Punj Lizard

                Great work, BronYAur. Interesting stats

                Phoots Flower

                  @BronYAur Great


                  At least concert # 1000 was captured by Bernie!


                  Well, this concert has to be seen again since it is even more special now

                  ((not complete at the moment. 3 songs missing)


                  "And only 9 shows in 2007 after they had been "back to normal" in 2006? What was wrong there?"

                  "wasn't that the year inbetween jacco and kenneth?"

                  I'm not entirely sure abut that. In october 2006 there's a norse tour where they debuted the song Child of the Future, but nothing from Little Lucid Moments yet… was it still with Jakko?

                  Anyway, 2007 is even worse than it seems: 6 of the 9 concerts were summer festivals with reduced setlists :D

                  I think that was exactly the time when they were training Kenneth on their catalogue!

                  Talking about "who was playing when", there's an info that I've lost in memories and destroyed notes… maybe you can help me: I'd like to recollect ALL THE BAND'S FORMATIONS since the night of times: which tours were with Deathprod? And with Killer on drums? And Reine? Baard? Lo? Which tour they played in a 5-member formation? Etc etc…

                  Could anyone help on this? Would be great for me, and then I could provide some new geeky stats! :P

                  Great King Rat

                    @otherdemon: Thanks!


                      I belive the last tours with Deathprod was in 93. I joined them i 94 uptil 2000. So I witnessed the years with Lars Lien, Morten F. and Baard. I belive Baard was with them atleast 2002-2003. I dont think Kjell Runar did tour alot with MP outside of Norway. They did play Oslo and Molde atleast.


                      On our way til molde: Kulturelt Alternativ, Molde, 1991-05-01 With the fameous bents hits snah in the head with the bass. Alot of blood but no big injuries 8O


                        Sinus, Bodø moved to a new location in 2014. So at least one of those seven. concerts is not at the same location.. They also moved in 1992 but not sure if they played at sinus before that..


                        The Norway Fall 06 tour was a Bent, Snah and Jacco. Those were the last shows with Jacco. Kenneth was with them for all 2007 shows.


                          @ tkm

                          The first Motorpsycho show at Sinus was on 1992-10-24. There is no Motorpsycho show known before that date.

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                        …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994