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    Rats Nest

      Setlist anyone?! :cheers:


        Thank you for your impressions. I can’t imagine seeing Motorpsycho in a seated venue. I understood your posting that there were even seats on the floor? Or you on a balcony?

        I like many songs you mentioned, not necessarily The Nerve Tattoo which is too poppy in my ears. 577? I would like to hear that song again.

        Reine is back again? This is very good news.


          Short review of last nights gig by a psychonaut who suck at remembering setlists:

          The Aladdmin Scene venue is a beautiful cinema with a small bar (housing the merch stand) and a old cinema room. The seats are big, comfy and leathery with built-in holders for beers! I’m unsure of max capacity on the venue, but i guess around 600 people. Last night i think 200 people witnessed the band.

          The band was of course Bent and Snah with Reine fleshing out the sound with keys, guitar and backing vocals. New man on deck was Olaf – an excellent drummer from such bands as BigBang, Needlepoint, Fra Det Onde and Møster. His style is – in my opinion – a bit less jazzy than Tomas’ and Kenneths, so i felt last night brought a bit of Geb back into the sound.

          That felt reflected in the setlist, too which included several Geb-era songs. The concert started with the bands sitting down and doing an acoustic part which included Sideway Spiral and Mad Sun if i’m not mistaken. They soon started to electrify the setlist and the songs turned heavier, darker and i started to space out as i’d love to do on these gigs. But i was brought back to reality when i heard the Nerve Tattoo intro – that put a smile on my face! Then they just flowed on for 2,5 hours. A exemplary concert with smiles all around. They ended the set with a HEAVY version of 577, and only did on encore. But what an encore – Taifun!

          A great gig with a great band in a fantastic venue. Have fun out there the coming weeks when you’ll space out with our magnificent guys!


            That sounds really great :-)


              I edited my post by mistake, so some things were left out.. :) ..to answer your questions:

              The venue is a fixed-seat venue, but there are a open floor close to the stage for those of us who prefer to stand up close throughout the gig. It’s a cinema – no balcony. I think you’ll see the stage wherever you choose to be through the gig.

              Reine is back in force and does what he does best – dropping the sickest vibes but hiding it to promote the rest of the band instead of himself. Olaf did an amazing job on his debut gig for the band – he has plenty of experience and felt right at home on stage – sharing smiles and replies with Bent (who seemed pleased with his performance last night).

              Rats Nest

                Thanx. Great news indeed! :stg:


                  I cannot remember the exact setlist, but they opened with four acoustic songs:
                  Real Again
                  Sideways Spiral
                  Some cover I am not familiar with.

                  After that they went straight into Chariot of the Sun, and they didn’t pull the acoustic guitars back out after that.
                  United Debased was present, so was Spin, Spin, Spin (not acoustic as it has been the recent times they’ve played it). Wishbone Ash’s The Pilgrim was in there somewhere. I’m not too familiar with the Geb stuff, to be frank, I recognised most of them, but got no clue what they’re named. 577, as stated above was definitely there.

                  They played a bunch of tunes from Yay! (only Real Again was played like on the record), and they were all a lot heavier and more “Motorpsycho” than what they sound like on the disc for sure. Hotel Daedalus was brilliant, Sentinels was stunning and even Dank State was pretty alright. Patterns and WCA didn’t sound as good as I expected them to.

                  Olaf seems to be a pretty solid drummer. Not from the same mould as Kenneth or Tomas, but he seemed to gel nicely and he made the more proggier tunes like Chariot and United Debased sound really cool anyway. The gig lasted pretty accurately for 2h 30mins.


                    The band shared the setlist on Facebook:

                    Real again
                    Can’t find my way home

                    Chariot of the Sun
                    Hotel Daedalus
                    United Debased
                    The Nerve Tattoo
                    Dank State
                    Black as Night


                    boomer former helm

                      Looks very interesting. I wonder how especially “Sentinels” and “Dank State” sounded non acoustic. And does anyone know what “Black as Night” is?


                        For me Yay is ok, but nothing I am impressed by so far. The songs from yay were a lot better live (electric part), but Sentinals and Patterns were incredible at the concert. Sentinals slow and just just beautiful (even I had to shoot a video clip from the song). Patterns I am not sure was very different to the album version (in “structure”/length), but the sound to patterns live was stunning. :stg:

                        I just love Sunchild and usually I think MP do el. to acoustic great, but it was something the way it was played that made the song not that great that it deserves. It’s such a great melody to that song that didn’t came out in this version.

                        Spinx3 is for me a ok song, but it was a great version live. As sentinels slow and beautiful.

                        When the played Nerve Tattoo it was very cool, but it also shows that I (and most of the crowd) am getting. This song in its present made the floor rocks, but now it was just smiles.

                        And ending with two great songs from Trust us was just amazing and the highlight from the concert together with Sentinels and patterns.

                        Very happy I decided to go to Halden for this concert. I am listening to Yay for the 3rd time today and it gets better and better (it’s strange how you listen “different” to an album after you have heard the songs live(at least I do)) :cheers:

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