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    Don’t know if I missunderstood you. I´ve got the zoom H4n, and has a automatic recording level setting, witch means that the recorder sets the gain it self. I bet the H2 got it also. I’ve used this several times with my own band with good results.

    Sorry for being OT

    boomer former helm

      about bents middle fingers. in heidelberg the evening before there were problems with the sample of plan#1 too, just the last words were able to hear, you could hear someone mixed it in too late. it was a bit sad for me, because it seemed a bit unprofessional. so maybe that happened in brussels too and bent was pissed about that. could understand it. and yeah, nice setlist again…


      The Brussels Gig @ AB May 30th 2010

      Hope this works out fine on Dime, I edited some parts,taken a while to get it right

      AB Concert May 30th 2010


        Thanks, Vortex! Great souvenir, but where is ‘Giftland’? :)


        The super-talented rock photographer extraordinaire Barbara Peremans has posted a few pictures from this show on her site:


        Not one of the better gigs on this tour and it shows on the faces, not just the recordings. Good thing they had Italy to look forward to afterwards!

        “it was blowing all the cobwebs from my mind…now there’s a new day rising for all of us and it’s time to ride”


          Wow, great photos.

          The Other Anders

            Brussels always turns out special, and it was with sadness I left the tour after Heidelberg (the gig before Brussels). Now I finally got the recording, and it turns out the epic setlist of Brussels 2010 contains some of the most mindblowing moments of the tour! Especially the first hour (Un Chien->Timothy’s Monster, Sunship->Arne H) made me listen in awe. Far out, imaginative and adventurous jams. Amazing stuff going on.

            After that the momentum drops a bit during PPP, although it is a nice breath of air after the breathtaking first hour of the show. Mountain picks it up again, but is also the last real treat with a very long keyboard part from Snah among other things. Starhammer is rather short compared to other nights, Plan#1 is messy, as is most of Gullible. Then, as Rune said: Vortex is Vortex. To have it played after Gullible is a huge bonus. Gullible usually ment the end of the show on this tour.

            Over the years some legendary Motorpsycho cities/venues have established themselves in the way that the shows there always turn out special. And by special I mean spaced out or epic setlists or both. Brussels is such a city, as is Bielefeld, Vienna, Tilburg, Halden, Bremen and Darmstadt. The one thing these cities have in common is that the audiences there are quiet, concentrated, and respectful of the band and their music. Motorpsycho simply need this kind of audience more than most bands do because their receipt of suspense and release cannot work as well in a room filled with noise.

            A big thank you to Vortex155 for recording and making it possible for me to enjoy Brussels so much once again, even if I was not there this time!

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