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    Suddenly all the albums from Voices of Wonder and Rune Grammofon are taken off Spotify. Anyone experiencing the same? In Norway.


      I don't see anything missing (here in Belgium). Which specific album disappeared on your Spotify?

      Krist Rampage

        Strange. I am from the Netherlands and i see two Motorpsycho profiles on Spotify. One has everything from Timothy until now while the other has everything from Lobotimizer until BH/BC.


        Not missing, but looks like Motorpsycho got two artist pages. Search Motorpsycho and view all artists


          Skip Spotify, and pay TIDAL 20 euro a month, and get really good sound. Or has Spotify released hifi/master sound now?


            Probably TIDAL does not only offer better sound but also pays the artists decently instead of just saving the big record companies and letting most of the artists starve, like Spotify does? (Wishful thinking, I know…)

            Hercules Wolftrap

              They maybe migrating to another account on spotify.


                Hehe James. I guess TIDAL is ripping the artist off as well. But, if you want the cymbal to sound like a cymbal and not a tincan, you have to pay extra. Hoopfully the artists getting some. Artist today are making their money through festivals playing. And we know how well this is going 😢


                Seems to be two profiles on my account as well. Strange, but it solves the problem anyway. Thanks!


                  Re. the Spotify/Tidal discussion above.

                  A little bit of consumer information, as researched on the world wide web (pt. 1): Spotify has announced that they will roll out Spotify HiFi, a "CD quality, lossless audio format" service "in selected markets" later this year.

                  A little bit of consumer information (pt. 2): How much the artist get per stream varies, depending on location, royalty rates, currency and other variables. Here are some typical per-stream figures: Napster $0,019 / Tidal $0,01283 / Apple Music $0,00783 / Spotify $0,00437 / Youtube $0,00069, meaning that you will have to play in the region of 80 MP-songs in order for our heroes to get 1 USD using Tidal, while you have to play your selected MP-song on repeat 230 times for the same to happen if you use Spotify (if my maths is up to scratch). Subscription rates varies as well, I guess you get what you pay for.

                  So make up your own mind.

                  Speaking for myself, I would love if they (our band) tidied up their digital presence a bit so the entire discography were available on streaming services, including COTF, boxsets and EP's which is currently missing on both Spotify and Tidal. As for most of you, my physical format collection is pretty complete so any streaming I do comes on top of that. The band is not losing any money by my streaming. And a lot of my music consumption happens when I am not anywhere near my record player.

                  Punj Lizard

                    My main concern with Spotify et al., as much as I find them handy for checking out an album before I buy it or decide not to, is the fact that evey time I use it, I give it more value and more credence, which makes it more powerful in the industry and as far as I'm concerned that's not a good thing. If everyone could just boycott streaming services like this, maybe they'd start to pay the artists more.

                    As for MP, I would like to see them increase their presence on Bandcamp to make those hard to get albums (like COTF) available to buy, rather than make them available to stream on Spotify etc.


                      As much as I agree with everything you say Punj, I am afraid my position on this is one of resignation…


                      My issue today is that I just purchased the Blissard box-set (triggered by the recent Bernie vids, and which used to be on Spotify, but was at some point removed – fine) but I remember this as an abs fantastic collection, both the first Stockholm (Pidah?) mix, but also cd 4, with all the demos, outtakes and the jazzy stuff someone mentioned in another thread. A heartbreaker of a record. But, back to my issue, I don’t have a computer w a CD-drive, so I’m a bit confused as how to listen to this on my phone (yes my disc-man is long gone, phew). What do you guys do? A visit to Teknisk Museum? Hm. All suggestions are welcome! ❤️

                      Punj Lizard

                        @Bartok – some years back I purchased a Cowon J3 mp3 player (I don't suppose Cowon make them any more, but it is a fantastic player with superb and fairly detailed sound adjustment – way, way better than an iPod or any phone as far as I've heard). And with a decent pair of over ear headphones I use that to listen to music when I'm out and about. So I buy the CDs (I'm not a vinyl collector)and burn to my laptop and then transfer to the J3. The hard drive on the J3 is limited (pretty much full with just Motorpsycho albums!), but it also has a slot for a micro storage card, so I routinely add to or subtract from one of those (and I have a few more if I want to switch them about). Without a CD drive on the laptop, I'm not sure what I'd do – you have my sympathies.


                        Thanks 🙌

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