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      Suddenly they are all there and ready to be played. This includes roadwork Vol. 3 and 5, but not Demon box live from Rockheim.

      I don’t get why they got there just now, but I think it’s great. Happy days!


        Yeah… Wanted to post it but you were quicker Flipper. Lol.. Very good.. Wanted to listen to it since RW5 was released. :STG:


        Wow, finally! And for those «new» to MP who hasn’t bought the EPs – this is quiet a treasure. I thought about rating them but after a quick scan I realized it’s hopeless. But starting with Wearing Yr Smell all the way to Serpentine the quality of the B-sides are consistently good / great / exceptional / quirky / fun. Happy days indeed! (And hope Geb is OK wherever he is!)


        Noticed a while back that the Blissard Deluxe 4CD is available as well on Spotify. The deluxe versions of DB, TM and ADAAP aren't tho.


        Geb is doing quite ok living in Italy! He even played a little support act for Motorpsycho last year in Livorno.


        Yes, too bad about TM and AADAP, I have them on cd but my CD player is long gone:( Hopefully they will pop up soon.

        Anyway, also listened a lot to RW5, blown away! Thomas is great. Different than Kenneth, maybe less of a machine? ! MP v2018 are indeed better than ever! Amazing.

        And @crossskip, good to hear Geb made it to Italy. Seem to remember from some interview from the 90s he was dreaming about living down there. It all works out.


        On Apple Music the Blissard box is no longer available, don’t know about Spotify. Bummer.


          @Bartok, it's still on Spotify


            Hmm, I can't find it on the Norwegian version of Spotify.


              @Flippern, that's strange :s

              I've in Belgium and see the complete Blissard box.

              I had problems with some song of the death defying unicorn. Some of the songs were greyed out. But that seems to be fixed.


                About the Blissard Box – I love the song "Never Judge" :STG:


                  Its only recently that alot of the 90s albums became available on norwegian Spotify (Blissard, AADAP etc.). Some issue with rights I assume.


                    Blissard box is not on Spotify here in Norway, only the regular album.


                    BUMMER. By far the best box so far imo. Never Judge is great, as well as, hm, the rest. Hope it comes back, don’t even have a CD-drive anymore.


                    :D :D :D

                    Welcome to the cheap seats, indeed.


                    What’s your point? I do own the box sets, but I don’t have a CD-player or a discman (lol) or a cd drive as mentioned. Some of us also pay for streaming as it’s convenient for different platforms. But.. Are you some record industry goon policing this forum for people you suspect don’t own the entire discography? I bet most of us do. Pathetic indeed.

                  Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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                  …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994