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      True. I'm not so much into the HBM proper album but the track itself is just grand.

      And what about Tomas on this new one? Woe to those who let him loose! Easily my fave album since he's joined, along with the NOX suite.


        @ supernaut: Metal? Go to hell ;-) (just joking). From what I learned from the interviews we can expect at least five different Motorpsycho albums in the next 18 months. I do hope the lying bit was just the passage about the farmhouse situation…


          I don't like metal :lol: especially the attitude around it. Only Voivod I'm kind of into but only their psychedelic progressive phase from Nothingface to The Outer Limits. Angel Rat is even kind of pop metal. Phobos I also like, though, which is really metal. Don't know why, probably due to its dark lost-in-space atmosphere. And the self titled 2003 album, which is more Rrrrock than metal.

          That's why I meant a Motorpsycho metal record would be very interesting. Probably more NWOBM than Pantera, Metallica and the lot.

          Punj Lizard

            Heavy metal? I'd rather a heavy mariachi album. And I'm not even joking. I reckon they'd make one hell of a fuzz guitar mariachi album. :lol:


            Back to topic: I love the b-side so freaking much…!


              The black disc has landed. 1 1/2 spinnings so far. First impression: much too short. And: an upside down album. Inner gatefold should be album cover imho – and vice versa. Love it very much. I suspect it might be another rip-off motive as MP are wont to produce sometimes. Somehow the almost b/w fotograph and the colour typo remind me of another classic cover, but I can't remember which one. Besides the motive of Tomas sending ripples through the grassy ground with his gong would be a perfect candidate for an ECM cover, b/w fotograph provided.

              Listened to side B just once and am somewhat underwhelmed – probably much too high expectations. Another upside down element probably concerning the piece's structure: starts with the end part, then heavy 2nd half, then long, slightly rising progression finally fading out. I'll give it another listen soon…

              Side A excellent – but still improved much while listening for a 2nd time. Just Great. Mona Lisa / Azrael the highlight for me at present. Could also have been called Greensleeves Digs Holes in Space ;-). Probably as close as you get to a pure percussion piece by our Northern rhythmites with the two drummers chasing each other and Snah hectically fuzzing around and about in a very freejazzy way.

              I love Tomas' input on the album, both the gong parts and the excellent fast drumming he provides here. Can't wait to hear what they're doing with that music on stage.

              Btw.: One of these five or six follow-up albums in preparation just now must be an acoustic ambient one with Tomas' gong & cymbals in the lead, Snah soloing on water-filled wineglasses and Bent supplying the rhythm on a kind of talking drum made out of a gigantic glass vase or bottle.


                Ha, that last part, yes that'll be something good!

                For me The Chariot is the highpoint of the album. Aren't there any Ny (halv)lang elements in there? I don't have those two present atm.

                Side A I like a lot first, then was a bit underwhelmed at the second spin, god knows why. But today I took it out on a car ride and yep, everything's good again.


                  As fas as i've understood….Ny lang IS Chariot, and Ny Halv Lang IS M/L Azrael. Right?

                  Check here:


                  Good evening,

                  in my hand in this afternoon.

                  Only one phrase for these guys.

                  "Chariot of the sun", why song end?

                  Songs like "Chariot of the sun" ll must go on forever, only thing that I say to MP.

                  Snah is God.

                  LOVE, lacrime, amore, per sempre ragazzi, grazie.



                  this record is perfect to play in loop when "Chariot of the sun" ends just start over.

                  @gdb: yep, these tracks were also played in Verkstedhallen during the lockdown and at Rosendal dance thingie (that gig was mona lisa + chariot + nox which were 90 mins of non stop Motorpsychosis).

                  btw: the sound on this record is great, lots of room, each instrument is distinct (a bit like e.g. demon box).


                    Also played at Dansens Hus Oslo two nights in a row( Mona Lisa, chariot, nox) I was there both days sitting in the front row, a small Black Box. The band standing right in front, a little shy while the few people that made up the audience got to their seats. The dancer ( Homan Sharifi ) turned to me at the second gig " Are you here tonight also!?! " Haha. Well of course:) It was two very special performances and great sound. And I thought the dancing and music worked great togheter! Cant wait for tomorrow…


                        Yes, I know, Chariot is supposed to be what was formerly called "Ny Lang". But I remember a much longer introduction part with floydlike vocals that I miss here. I agree – chariot is still way too short, but I would add at least another 5 minutes at the start and then probably 2-3 minutes at the end.

                        Mona Liza/Azrael ends just perfect for a following Chiend'Espace in concert – direct segue if possible. At the Azra-End I could virtually hear Bent's baritone guitar going didadidadidadadam…


                          Chariot…Woooooaeh-what a trip!


                            @Johnny_Heartfield – In all the 4 recordings I have there is a short stretch of wordless singing just before it all takes off. From 4:25 on the album recording, and again towards the end.

                            My first thought when they debuted Mona Lisa/Azrael at Verkstedhallen was "Shit! are they really going to do 'Starless'?" Is it just me? I haven't seen that link mentioned in any reviews.

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                          …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994