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    Well well well. I, for one, just started to count down to August 19.

    Rune Grammofon pre-sale Ancient Astronauts


    buzzzzzing :D Stickman starts at 15 of July with the presale

    New Motorpsycho album coming August 19!

    waiting for some intel ^^


    Great news. This is the stuff they recorded with Deathprod in Oslo August last year.

    Excited to hear the results!

    EDIT: Reine not mentioned in the hashtags in the Instagram post makes me think he is not featured on this album.


    This is very exciting news, peace to all.


    I love the artwork … is that Bent on the left?

    Punj Lizard

    Here we go! Great news.


    @dongonz: I'm feeling a 'Buzz' too!

    (Oh, please yourselves!)


    am I the only one who's always a teeeeny bit disappointed if it's only a single abum?

    spoiled brat.

    boomer former helm

    Oh yes, yihaaa!!! Finally :)


    Loving the title and the artwork!


    They must be the most reliably productive band in the world. It's starting to get silly (but I'm not complaining!)


    Great News, indeed. There's a late 90s vibe to the artwork,i can't exactly put my finger on. Also a bit Haircuts-esque :)


    As artwork this seems like new territory for MP, I get late Sixties feeling, for example, A Saucerful of Secrets. Title of the records points in the same direction, this will be a good one :-)

    Krist Rampage

    Some info from

    Motorpsycho has finished the successor to 'The All Is One' (2020) and 'Kingdom Of Oblivion' (2021). It will be released on August 19 via Stickman Records.

    The record was recorded at the Amper Tone studio in Oslo in the summer of 2021 without Reine Fiske and mainly in live takes with only a few overdubs, with vocals added afterwards.

    The artwork comes from a movie, shot in August in Skottbun Norway. More details to follow.

    Really looking forward to this one. I wonder what movie they are talking about.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 135 total)
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