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    the conscience

      „The brain will do what brains will do“

      You can compare AA with older stuff or with other music. You can search for things you don‘t like. But why? What is this good for? You also can free your brain from all, put the needle on the record and feel what‘s new and great on AA..

      Don‘t think too much. Give it a next spin. Like it or not. Feel free to dance. Shake yr ass.

      But If you absolutly can not do otherwise.If you prefer thinking than feeling or dancing, use yr brain to think what‘s wrong on this planet, why you live on it and what you can do to make things better.

      „But show us heaven, we‘ll find hell“


        Hi everybody,

        I'm not sure if anybody mentioned it in this forum yet, but:

        The heavy prog part in "Mona Lisa / Azrael" (starting at 4:44) has used in "Begynnelser" too.

        You can not find it on the actual album but on the dvd/in the film at 52:50.

        When the "Begynnelser"-Box was released in 2017 I was a little bit disappointed that some of these great tunes from the film/the play weren't recorded for the album.

        So I ripped those "songs" from the dvd and made myself a personnel "Begynnelser II"-album with four songs and 26 minutes of extra music. :-D

        And while listening to "Ancient Astronauts" at some point I recognised one very familiar sounding tune. But it took me a while to found out where it came from. ;-)

        I hope I was able to contribute a little bit of news here.

        My first comment by the way. So, hello again! :-)


          Great, Motorkopf!


            Hi and thanks for pointing this out. I should listen to Begynnelser more. 8O


              I don't want to sound too enthusiastic or emphatic, but… here's another masterpiece. Someone asked: "best band ever?" It seems pretty obvious to me, and this is further confirmation. What other band can be so prolific while maintaining such high quality standards? I don't think it's possible for others. Not to mention their "live dimension", we all know what I'm talking about… I am speechless. They are able to amaze me every time. I also really like "The Ladder", great opener IMO.


                @ the_conscience: dancing is glorious. listening and experiencing ever so. thinking is dancing with the brain, ever so funny and joyful, if you do it without pressure or too much directional intention.

                Btw: of course experience is immediate and comes first. But how can you communicate your experiences without comparisons, descriptions, structures? Feelings and ideas need organizing sometimes – as well as our life needs rituals and structures and our society institutions. Too much structure may render you stale and lifeless, but without using brain and language for communication we'd all be dumb smiling isolated happy mystics on our individual mountaintops ;-)

                Just make sure experience comes first and the rest -structure, communication, comparisons – comes after.


                @the conscience: Heart and mind together is my holistic approach. They feed into each other, talking about art and music and listening or reading or comparing notes with other peoples insights and experiences is for me an absolute necessity to appreciate great art. Not only feeling, though that’s of course the initial thing you do. Like Punj over here walking in the forest, or JERO sitting on the couch w a beer listening, and weeping. Or whatever you do. A winner recipe. But I agree, always emotions first. Though “dancing w your brain” like Johnny says, is an equally important and necessary consequence and exercise I believe. Heaven and hell can after all be the same place, lol.

                Though always comparing them to their back-catalog can be a tedious exercise (guilty as charged!) but sometimes frustration sets in. I guess that’s the price they pay, with a 30+ year career. But it’s also because I (we?) expect so much from these guys. Which must be a good thing. But they’re stubborn, which is sometimes frustrating, but also the best thing to be, as an artist.

                Anyway. Always fun to read this forum, because we’re all diehards, but with different approaches, references and inclinations. I love reading all the comments, it can sometimes make me reevaluate stuff I’ve missed, or all the references you guys have can send me into an Apple Music or vinyl shop wormhole and come out with great new discoveries. The Begynnelser references mentioned in this thread made me go back and study it closer (btw – thought I was the only guy in the world holding that record dear, good to read I’m not alone!) Talk is good, having expectations is good, discussions are healthy. Keeps the juice fresh!

                But all this is a distraction from the most important point: That this record is a mind-blower! Chariot is a heartbreaker! Snah! Pure MP bliss.


                  @ Motorkopf

                  Thanks for giving everyone a good reminder.

                  While I regret that there are parts of begynnelser's great music that have not been released yet,

                  as everyone says, I am glad that some of it is now officially released with this new album.

                  the conscience

                    @ Motorkopf, Johnny and Bartok. I like your comments a lot. (really!) Thanx, from now on, everytime I listen to AA, I see dogs hunting a rabbit, or even worse, seeing psychonauts walking in a forest, weeping on a couch or with a dumb smile sitting on a mountain top :)


                      @ Aki

                      You're welcome!

                      I also love the very beautiful prolog/epilog theme in the film (or the play) with it's fine 5/4 time signature. Hopefully they release it some day in any way.

                      Until then I enjoy my little "Begynnelser II" album. ;-)

                      @the conscience

                      I think in the near future you will often see psychonauts in free nature or in the wild with their headphones on. :lol:

                      AA is just perfect for long walks in the open air. Or everything else… :-)


                        In many reviews (and also here) it is stated that this is the work of a trio, and the first so in a long time, with Snah and Bent playing keyboards. In the liner notes, it says "played by Tomas Järmyr, Hans Magnus Ryan & Bent Sæther with Helge Sten", so I wonder whether Sten played on more songs than just "The flowers of awareness". Anyone knows?


                        @the conscience: Lol! I’m truly sorry :-) But good to rope you in.


                          @ fiatlux

                          As far as I know from interviews the whole music was played as a trio (with the exception of "The Flower…") but the recording session where together with Deathprod. Maybe that's meant with the word "with" in the liner notes. :-) But I'm not sure.

                          There's another question to the community: Speaking of time signatures earlier…

                          I sometimes like to count out those signatures from complex songs.

                          I'm pretty sure that "The Ladder" is in 11/8 but I'm not 100% sure about "Mona Lisa / Azrael".

                          To me it sounds like the beginning and the end are in 6/8 but I'm a bit confused with the middle part, the proggy rollercoaster-ride… I guess this is a 7/8-bar but sometimes i think this could be a 6/8 too… :?: It's so goddamn fast. :lol:

                          Does anyone know for sure?

                          Not that it matters…. The music is brilliant anyway!


                            Is the jacket of this work a reversible jacket? Two flavors.


                              Forgot to count again. Next time…

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                            …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994