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    The heavy prog part in "Mona Lisa / Azrael" (starting at 4:44) has used in "Begynnelser" too.

    You can not find it on the actual album but on the dvd/in the film at 52:50.

    I remember that part from the Live performance, I also remember wondering where the drummer was, behind the scene or it was recorded beforehand? If recorded, who played, bent?



      I think I can count a fast 6/8 pretty much through the whole middle part…


        @ Mikke

        I think it was recorded beforehand because according to the listing in the credits (you can see it at 02:07:20), it was Bent who played the drums.

        BTW: The film can also be seen here:

        @ supernaut

        Damn…, after the last listening I was pretty sure that it's a 7/8. :-)

        I think we need mathematic-psychonauts to help us. :-D


        @Motorkopf thanks!


          @motorkopf @aki : Wow very interesting, and thanks for posting the link to Begynnelser. Man, that’s a great listen, abs the prog part of ML/A, but longer and more expanding.

          I always loved the lo-fi whimsy and acoustic brilliance of Begynnelser, though what in my eyes never made it a *classic* (which is what I always expect from these guys, jeeez the expectations!) is perhaps that they omitted what we’re getting in this offering: Something epic to go with the “mundane”. But now I can make my own mix and create a solid and classic MP album (and a couple of EPs to go with it). Spoiled!

          Btw. Anybody have any references to the title “Ancient Astonauts”? A great title of a record if there ever was one.

          Ps. Getting slight The Wheel vibes from Chariot these days, maybe it’s just me, not a musician. But I’ve listened to this record a lot lately, and it grows and grows. The Ladder has also finally landed for me. An epic record.

          the conscience

            @ Motorkopf. Just read in german Rocks Magazin an interview with Snah, he „thinks“ the Ladder is 11/4….. and read some days ago after a Link in this forum some numbers mentioned by Bent, but can not remember and find that Interview .

            @ everybody: and I read a quote of Arthur Schopenhauer today: Treat a work of art like a prince. Let it speak to you first.


              @ the conscience

              I remembered that Interview with Bent, too. I refound a link on this site, posted by "Punj Lizard" a week ago.

              Motorpsycho | Interview | New Album, ‘Ancient Astronauts’

              In This interview Bent speaks of 11/8 and 7/8 time signatures on the A-side of "Ancient Astronauts".

              So maybe thats the answer to my question. Who knows… :D


                Really love the album, the performance by the three heroes is incredible, and the production is great. Favourite track "Chariot of the sun". I still dream of a psycho gig and will have to catch a plane to see the boys in Europe. Best wishes to everyone.


                  @the conscience: Ha! Just read that quote as well these days. In a book called "the art of insult", compiled from Schopenhauer's writings. I'm ready for the next great debate ;-)


                    Still intrigued by the inner sleeve. Couldn't find any obvious predecessors – the closest I could get what the Affinity cover, that I uncounsciously had in mind.


                    Same typo, related composition, parallel nature setting, the central circle motive (umbrella/gong) being reflected in natural elements (ripples in thewater resp. grass), yet great difference in colouring. AA inner sleeve looks like a deliberately dark and almost colourless interpretation of the original motive in a northern forest setting. The Typo nails it down.



                      I'm ready for the next great debate

                      That's dangerous talk!



                      The Ladder has also finally landed for me.

                      The drums is so super nice on this track! Mixing could promote them even more though. Any way, the beauty of this will be apparent during live shows, that's for sure :-)


                        … and this was my other visual association with the inner sleeve of AA:


                        (colour, positioning and feel of text/text colour contrast).

                        Interesting combination…

                        The cover designer did a brilliant job capturing Motorpsycho's musical concept and transporting it to the visual level. Chapeau!


                          Rejected cover art for ‘Ancient Astronauts’

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                            Yup, this is another great MP album in an ever-growing discography.

                            A couple of minor gripes is that all of the tracks are overlong.

                            Long intro/outro for The Ladder, the 2 minute interlude could've

                            been skipped entirely, ML/A's 2 minute outro does work as a cooldown after

                            the preceding onslaught, while Chariot of The Sun fizzles out a bit

                            as the Gutan i Skogen theme begins.

                            As usual fantastic musicianship. Snah's guitarwork throughout is top

                            notch, Tomas is a drummer beast, while Bent keeps it all together

                            with distinct bass-riffs.

                            I agree that ML/A is the best track on here. Looking forward to hearing

                            that one live especially.

                            What a band! Despite occasional minor flaws.

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