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    It's been quite a few years since the last tribute record, and there was talk of doing a new one about eight or nine years ago. They've changed drummers and styles, recruited new fans and released a lot of music since then, and I'm thinking it's time to give something back. Like me, the band is turning 30 next year, so how about doing something special for our favourite silly butterflies?

    For now, I just want to know if people are up to doing it, so please let me know!


      I'm up. Don't know how and with what yet. But yes.


        Yes, count me in :-)


        Sounds cool! How was it done the last time? Which songs were featured on the old tribute, and who played?

          Vegard B. Havdal

              I would love to. If anyone needs a bass player I am ready and willing.


              @TraktorBass I'm sure Mystery Dudes might attribute?


              I would love to contribute to a tribute :)


                WAIT WAIT WAIT

                Tell me more about this Project, is it something like a international tribute band? Or many bands from different places recording a cover and putting it in a compilation?

                In both situations I'M IN


                  I'm in. Got a good idea :)


                    If you're going to give out a new tribute record boys…. Had it been cool to get along with some "bigger" and more "famous" bands. Examples of good bands that are friends, fans or Psychonauts … Mos Generator … Eagles Of Death Metal . QOtSA ………. Dungen .. Anekdoten … At The Gates. EBBOT / TSOOL … Seigmen … Turbonegro …. The Dogs … Mayhem (Demon Box ah….). Jabba … Kadavar … Wolf People. The Heads .. Ufomammut .. Monolord.. Spidergawd … Alain Johannes .. Gluecifer … Jaga Jazzist.. Shining .. Big Bang .. Ida Jenshus .. Mojave Lords …Elder…


                    Ecarnar: My original thought is the latter. I think that is the easiest way.

                    Getting a bigger band in on it is a great idea!


                      you're taking the fun out of it… :(


                      Supernaut: I get that. I don't think anyone here is doing it for the hype, but with MP being a huge influence to many established acts in Norway, I don't think having one of them in on it would kill the fun. That is, if they are doing it out of sheer love for MP, of course.

                      Anyway, it seems like there is interest from at least eight different people/bands here, so with a couple more we could really do this. And that's a good thing.

                      I am leaving a band these days and starting a new one over the summer, but none of them are huge psychonauts, so I might just do a bedroom recording by myself. It would be cool if people collaborated on TGC or something, though!

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