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    Why not do both?

    I think a more "underground" tribute record should originate from this forum, just like the first one did from the G-35 email list.

    I'm sure a tribute from more established bands will happen soon anyway…


      i would give it a shot when plans grow more precise. just had a look at the first tribute. it covers all albums until trust us. so maybe it would be nice to focus on the releases from let them eat cake on…and to avoid having everyone pick raisins from the nineties ;-)


      Agree with marc here. The old albums got theyr tribute. Also, would be interesting to hear versions from the Kenneth/Tomas albums, some of those songs can be quite diffucult to cover.


        I am very open to that idea, though my favorite records are from the 90s. There's always something from Phanerothyme or BH/BC I can cover.

        Also, I am very open to ideas about how to make this happen:)


          Hello, you have your Kenneth-era fan here :D


            I've started playing around with Trixeene, 29th, ASFE and Year 0. Also looking into Ozzylot.

            A great way to get the ball rolling is if people tell which songs they want to do.

            EDIT: I know a few people who work with music management and publishing, and will look into how to eventually get this printed and published. Would be really cool if this could be more than just an online release.


              These are some I'd love to play:

              -Here Be Monsters

              -Gullible's Travails


              -Bartok of the Universe


                I'm doing my take on 7th dream :)


                  Looks like I'm late to the party! :P

                  I've toyed around with a couple of MP covers in the past, namely, Starhammer and Mr. Victim. I'll try to finish them up, and see if either of them can fit on a collection like this. :)


                  I'm in, that is my band(s), one or the other.


                    Been a busy summer, so I've kind of forgotten about this haha. I hope people are still up for it. Myself, I'll try to get my recording equipment back(lent it to a friend in Oslo when I live on the West Coast. Great.) set up over the next weeks.


                      Bump this thread :STG:

                      We already got these possible songs and contributors:

                      – Trixeene, 29th, ASFE, Year 0 or Ozzylot (Sjur577)

                      – HBM, Gullible's Travails, Starhammer, Bartok (Ercarnar)

                      – 7th Dream (GBD)

                      – Starhammer or Mr. Victim (TAF)

                      – Bedroom Eyes or The Ocean in here Eye (Blashyrkh)

                      – Vegard suggested the band "Karsk Gutan"

                      Maybe to keep this thing alive, we can record a rough version of your choice and start from there?

                      There are also 13 songs in totals. Could it be possible to contribute on each others' songs?


                        I might try recording something, even if right now I'm quite buisy (moving to a new town, looking for another job, recording my band's new record…).

                        Contributions would be great: if somebody needs a guitar/drum/bass/vocal track but can't play/sing it we could help each other. BUT…everybody should have ideally the same DAW, or at least record with the same specifications and quality, it might get complicated!

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                      …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994