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      Awesome sauce concert. Reine was there.

      Year Zero
      United Debased
      Home of the Brave :mp:
      (Like Chrome)

      Rock Bottom
      You Lied
      Black to Comm

      Like Chrome was on the setlist, but I don’t think it was played?


        Great gig as a four-piece in what is usually a cinema, but now with the chairs pushed back, is a small concert venue.

        I didn´t hear Like Chrome, but they played a fantastic version of Azrael as the last song before the encore. It had some nice jamming on it with Reine on the guitar and Snah playing the ?mellotron.

        Having seen them both in Bø and Drammen in October, this was the best gig in my opinion as Reine adds so much texture to the mix. The hard riffs are harder and the spaced-out jams are even spacier.


          got sick, and couldn’t go. absolutely gutted. :(

          never heard; the new material, of course, but also never heard Gullible and Home of the brave (i think).

          :( :( :(

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            As I’m listening to dear Lars recording, it’s “Überpilgrim”, and due to fact that I have no pics from this show, only listening, I think it’s without Reine.
            The results of the Tysk-Norge Tapersyndicate will be up on Dime soon.

            Correction: Überpilgrim, Then “Home of the brave > Friend fried (freed) Putin”…Ups, sorry, Vladimir the Worst.

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              @spacebandit: Reine was there. Probably just a bit low in the mix, but he had some trademark tasty solos in addition to adding flavour and nuances throughout.

              My god, they are so insanely tight these days, they were rocking soooo hard, very very fun. I’ve said it before, but that Thomas fella, oh my lord (the smile on Bent’s face during the drum solo in You Lied was worth the ticket alone). And Bent screaming like it was 1992 on Home of the Brave, who would’ve belive it! I found the sound generally clear throughout, the layers and interplay in Chariot, Gullible, Year 0 and Mona Lisa was exquisite. Highlights for me: Gullible’s (first time – what a monster live!), Year zero, Mona Lisa, and Home of the Brave, Überpilgrim and the encores were just good clean fun on a Saturday evening.


                Thanks to Timmy Pinscher, the majority of the concert
                is up on Youtube



                  … and don’t miss this one, thanks to Micheal Green:


                    Those boots! The white ones Bent wears, of course. Somebody must have unearthed them from a north London rent house, where Lemmy used to live around 1986-89. Bent virtually steps into Lem’s footprints.
                    That doesn’t mean Old Whisker didn’t die in his boots, though! In his later age he swapped the cool white ones for custom made black military boots (US civil war era) – but the white ones stand for the coolest Motorhead era – and Lem at the top of his powers. Right on, Bent!


                      Sorry someone mentioned before; this on good quality video on youtube :mp:

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