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    Yesterday it was announced that MotorLøkken is coming to Bergen Kjøtt in the end of Mars. Tickets are available to pre-order/buy from Apollon (record store in Bergen). Not sure when they'll be available online. So, who's going?

    Excited? YES!!! 8O


    excited!! i have my rehearsal space in this building (on the ground floor, stage is on 2nd floor). like having them in my own "living room" :)


      hehe you must outnoise them then!


        Well, of course I'm going! Had hoped they would play at Verftet again, so I could leave my appartment just minutes before the concert.

        ..come to think of it, Kjøtt is not too far away either..


        The venue is not exactly made for concerts, though. I´m worried that it will be really bad sound – both because of the non-existant sound-absorbation in the walls (all concrete!), and the trend that Bent and Snah always want to take it "to 11" on-stage.

        Anyways, fingers crossed!


          It's true that the venue WASN'T exactly made for concerts, but with it's first big musical happening in October last year, Perfect Sounds Forever, that hosted 13 bands in 4 days, there have been some massive improvements. For instance the ceiling has been covered with sound absorbing foam, that has improved the sound quality in the room radically. Some further acoustical measures will also be done before the MP show takes place.


          quick question, will there be any special lightning/effects by pekka stokke, like last time @ landmark? hope so, could be really special in that particular venue.


            Yes, Pekka will join them this time too!




            Happy to hear about the improvements done in the venue, ira! Looking forward to see them

            in Bergen Kjøtt.

            Whats the capacity there? It's pretty huge hall, But I dont know how Big the stage will be.


            I must brag. I've got the most amazing girlfriend ever. It's my birthday today, and I woke up to egg, bacon, cake, coffee and song. And two tickets for the gig (one for her as well). In addition to the LP version of Blissard. How very epic.

            Anyhow, cool there are more psychonauts here in Bergen! Maybe someone would be up for grabbing a beer before the concert?


            NO! For you and your girlfriend's safety, avoid contact with other Psychonauts!

            After that birthday, every man in here want to get to know her…

            Happy birthday! :)


            Haha! :lol:

            On another note, I clicked on your profile @drugthing, and was sent to Monstereo. I've heard of the band, but never seen them (you, I assume?) live. It is fantastic! Is it possible to buy physical discs? :)


            happy birthday @otherfool! :) and thanks so much, so nice to hear! yes we are currently recording a 10", with two songs. We hope it will be available by the end of april!

            some beers sounds nice, just need to grab my ticket! mp tends to sell out rather quickly here in bergen


            I also listened to Monstereo and appreciated the sound…very hot!Norway seems a place for good music…Congrats..:)

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          …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994