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      ss 3


      riding the tiger


      ocean in the eye

      loneliness (very amazing version)


      whole lotte diana

      kill some day



      577 ( :MPD: )

      llm (wow what an intense improve in it)

      golden core ( yes!)

      not very long this gig, don’t know it, but would say

      2h 15min or so or maybe a bit shorter.

      good gig. band was on fire.

      audiance too.

      my highlights were ss 3, loneliness ( although I first thought, o no, not again,

      but again a new and great version,llm & golden core, off course)

      somtetimes it was a bit boring sprecialy the part ozzylot-tiger-glow ( and ocean in the eye, too), they all ware played very fast and tight.

      but I think that was my special problem.

      577 was simply amazing.

      all told not such a good concert like the concerts that

      I saw in spring and fall 2008,

      but still great, imo.

      looking forward to hamburg, bielefeld & cologne


        Ok, this tour is incredible.. 577!


        i liked the first part: ss 3 / ozzylot / riding the tiger / glow / ocean in the eye / loneliness (very amazing version) (YEAH, THIS WAS GREAT!!!) / cornucopia / whole lotte diana / kill some day / upstairs/downstairs (NO NEED FOR THIS ONE) / feel and the AMAAAZZINNGG 577!!! whats all abot the golden core?! i dont get it.. sorry! but i wish you all a lot of fun on the rest of the tour!! good night!


          Some random notes:

          Great show! However, this felt rather like a good start with some potential still being unexplored. A fair amount of jam and space but mostly quite contained and rather straight in character. Many exiting moments though: Several minutes of pure space intro by Snah to “Cornucopia” and then it even featured a “The other one”-jam (The Grateful Dead), complete with lyrics! Great “Glow” too, and then Bent-driven “Loneliness”, quite a funky version. Massively extended ending to “577” after a loooong jam! Bent let the crowd sing the chrorus of “Feel”, lovely! Audience then sang “Happy birthday Motorpsycho” before “LLM”! Great version of the latter with fantastic Snah-space in the last part. “Golden core” was intense, hypnotic and systmatically built up!

          I’ll have to sleep about it to ultimatey be able to evaluate this great night! :-)

          Good night!



            Just to add something that i observed: There were audience mikes…is that always the case on Lido, or….?


              Sounds good! Kill Some Day – Wohooo!

              One more day for me till Hamburg. Tonight I’ll pray they keep TGC in the set for tomorrow!

              Was the show taped? Alex?

              I guess, I see a lot of you tomorrow in the crowd.

              One more question: When did they start playing? Any opening act?


              My two cents in there: I experiencied yesterdays show as a brilliant start of the tour – good place and audience! Great to have new songs in the set plus old favourites popping up again. Feel caused goosebumps and The Golden Core made me cry again… didn’t have that for a while and am deeply about this “catharsis”. The upcoming shows will all show mp at it’s best – no doubt Kenneth brought back the motor into psycho!

              See you in Hamburg tomorrow, we’re up for some heavy metal fruit for now…


              No opening acts, 9.25 pm in Berlin, bit earlier in Hamburg I guess.


              They obviously enjoyed last nights crowd and attention – long parts of the show were sheer improvisation and might probably have demanded too much attention for some ppl in the audience (?)


                Yes, the show was taped. They played from 21:25 to 23:50.


                  Yes, the show was taped. They played from 21:25 to 23:50.


                  Now this is what I wanted to hear. Will the boot be released on Motortrades/Dimeadozen in the nearest future?

                  Great King Rat

                    How did you perceive the band’s mood? A friend of mine said they didn’t seem too enthusiastic and not really focused. Before the encore, Bent apparently said that Lars (the keyboard player from the mid-nineties shows) died that day! That’s bad news, and it would explain the guys not being quite themselves…

                    boomer former helm

                      it was the same what i experienced. i felt that the mood of the band wasn´t that good. but still enthusiastic at some parts, especially the quieter parts of some songs. very very intense parts like the beginning of cornucopia (which was my big favourite besides golden core that night). the middle part of llm was very spaced out too, very very intense. overall i would say that they suffered somehow from the dead of their friend and from the bad sound. the golden core was the perfect end and teardriving… see you in hamburg!!!


                        seriously? is lars lien dead? :O


                          It is Lars Klokkerhaug (sound-man up to 1995)! Snah confirmed that today! He died of cancer which he has been struggling with since the early 90s. RIP.


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