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    got ONLY one setlist. I mean venue stuff never give fans those setlist, I just asked Tos and luckily got one. here’s the song order.




    arne h

    shrug & ff

    eagals son


    un chain






    VERY Psychodelic long jam show…they did it again!


      Aww, Shrug & Fistful AND Trapdoor… someone’s rehearsin’. :P

      Here’s hoping that Mountain will be a steady feature on this tour. I love how some of the old gems have been ‘born again’ with Kenneth on sticks, he injects a lot of groove and drive into the sound. I guess having to work their way through their back catalog with a new drummer has dredged up some forgotten gems for them. :)


      Taifun, Chien and Mountain in one gig. Holy handgrenade!




      Taifun. WOW!!! What a setlists this tour, amazing!


      Mrrr, looks great indeed ;-)


        was it a moog&keyboard chien?

        The Other Anders

          Yes it was a moog&keyboard chien. Just when you think you have heard it all, you have not. Mountain was jammed over into Starhammer, which was beyond aweseome, and it sounded like the most natural thing in the world. Gullible was the new Sunship, only even more intense. Gotta go to Bremen, now, more comments later.


            please let them play mountain and/or un chien in cologne!

            guys, if you read this: do me a favor! PLEASE!!!!


              My god, what a space show! Well into the concert I really lost track of songs, albums, parts, transitions, timings, versions — everything! It was basically one giant space jam and one could hold on to only a few cornerstones here and there. One of these being of course the intro to “Un chien”, which only told us we were going even deeper into space. This version clocked in 25 minutes and featured Snah on droning keys for the majority of the spooky and paranoid jam before they went into a more coventional “The faster we go”-part with Bent giving the tempo on guitar and increasing it to lightspeed with mechanic precision! Snah also played really sweet keys on “Trapdoor” and in “Mountain” of course. “Mountain” lasted 11 minutes and was a bit anticlimatic with its blues rock approach but a juicy jam anyway (Bent on vocals). “Gullible” was INCREDIBLE and it makes happy! Unbelievably psychedelic! Great sound and lights. Venue not sold out but well filled (between 1.000 and 1.200 people). Total playtime 130 min only (due to the support).

              I want to say high to everyone I met yesterday (or didn’t meet). See you all again tonight in Bremen!



              This was the reaction of one of Fillmore/Alexs friends on Facebook. I asked his permission to replicate it here.

              Rob Zim:

              “what happened last night? well, going without any experience made before or any listen to a band, which is one, you should see, people told me. allright. and there i am now…not able to tell in every detail what happened…just unspeakable…three kings melting all musical styles in one epic incredible psychedelic jam…loosing the sense of tyme and space…flying above blue deserts through red skies…space jam riffs carried me to the uttermost stars and the borders of universe…being pulled back to the ground by hard riffs…and afterwards again flying listening to voices of angels and daemons. what was it? was that manlike? it was MOTORPSYCHO. i’m more than convinced!”


                Oh man that’s a juicy setlist!

                …and i bet there will be more TM songs on the future setlists as the tour rolls onwards.

                I’d love to see giftland live, and i’ll envy the hell out of you ppl that (probably) will… :)


                  I’d say it was one of the best shows ever. I said this a thousand times before and probably will as well. But the setlist, the sound (definitely the best show I remember in this regard, much better than in the Lido 2009 and it’s a great venue anyway, doesn’t look like anything from the outside but they set it up very nice and pleasant inside), the blind interplaying, the control they got over their music while letting go and catching it back at the perfect spots… Like TvdR I took a friend along who’s usually not into rock but he gets good music no matter what when he hears it and he was amazed, too.

                  The moog wasn’t as physical as before. In Taifun there were some problems I think? I think Bent played it but it wasn’t really heard until a few bars later. But maybe he played not the usual BOOOOOOM bass at first which I might not have realised. But it DID blast through time and space at the end of the incredible “the rounder we go the faster we get” part.

                  Snah only sang 2 songs if I’m correct, contrary to the last shows I’ve been. So Bent was way more present this time. Singing great (no KSD, hehe) and his bass playing was a joy. I felt he held back a bit on the 3 shows I’ve been on the COTF tour, this time he definitely rocked out more, but maybe it was just the very transparent sound pushing him more upfront.

                  Shrug and Trapdoor were both fascinating. Short, sweet, precise, great songs greater played. Shrug with its weird dynamics and Trapdoor with 2 guitars/no bass, veeeery pleasant.

                  Hm, thinking about this, I’d like to have them playing a short songs only show. With this energy and sovereignty they got now, that would be ecstatic. Nerve Tattoo, Starmelt, Ozzylot, Hyena, Wearing yr Smell and all…

                  Diana/Mountain/Starhammer were all segued, maybe even with Wbat, not sure.

                  And as one lowpoint, there was the usual group of drunk morons with one especially annoying squarehead. What is wrong with people? But to end on a high note: Berlin is a great city with great and very nice people. They’re cliched as anything but, but even the Astra bouncer wished us a good night when we left.


                    130min only? It felt much longer. Oh and sadly nothing from LLM was played. Doesn’t get much play on this tour it seems. Understandable though. They’re having fun with a new album and their classic past.


                    As on every Motorpsycho show it was a night to remember. But unfortunately it was my first MP show that left me a bit unsatisfied in the end. Maybe it’s just because I haven’t seen them in years and was hoping to hear some of my favourite songs after that jam session in the last hour, there are many songs I dig and except for Un Chien and Shrug they didn’t play any of them this night. I probably need to listen more to the last two albums, but Plan#1, VS, Golden Core, Watersound or Evernine would have made this night perfect. Or just one song of LLM, The Alchemyst would have been a great one hour jam to end that show ;-)

                    Still it was an incredible show, it always is and I love those guys :-)

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