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      Back from the gig.Terrible sound where I was standing.Terrible.

      Highlight:A beautiful jammed out At Empire´s End…






        -the promise


        -at empires end

        -hell 1-3

        -united debased




        -like chrome


          I'm guessing Reine Fiske was present?




            Great concert! And good sound.


              Magpie & Promise! Cool!


                After Up/Down, they also played Like Chrome :-)

                boomer former helm

                  So nice that they played At empires end live, I can magine that this has potential to get really big on emotions in a live setting. And Delusion from TAiO? Was that played acoustic?


                    Not sure how I feel about Reine Fiske joining them this time. Nothing against Reine, but it was refreshing to see them as a trio and at times the sound in the past year reminded me of my favourite late 90s sound, particularly when Snah used the keyboard and Bent used his bass/guitar doubleneck.

                    It will be interesting to hear Empire’s End if the play it Wed or Thur, but I’m worried that a quartet setting reduces the chance of hearing Ny Lang and Ny Halvlang (Ancient Astronauts/Azrael) dramatically…


                      The sound, especially during the first 3-4 songs, was so messy and coupled with the pretty intricate material of the later "prog"-years it was just a mass of noise – and not the good kind. Got better, and there were severeal AMAZING jams and noise-parts that were definitely of the good kind. Hell pt 3 and Delusion – NOX was incredible and beautiful. Can't wait for tonight.

                      Some funny comments from Bent as usual:

                      As he was setting up some equipment at the start, and had to bend down: "De e slitsomt å bli gammel" (Getting old is tiresome)

                      After a particularly energetic ending to a song from Tomas: "Da får itj trommisen nå meir kaffe i dag!" (No more coffee for the drummer)

                      Introducing a song: "No ska vi spæll en gammel hippie-rockelåt. De e kanskje feil sted, men. Det må vær noen hippia her i kveld, det lukte æ!"

                      (We're going to play a hippie-rock song. This might be the wrong place for that (Blitz is an punk/hardcore scene). But there must be some old hippies in here tonight, I can smell it!)


                        Cool, thanks for the reviews – imagine N.O.X. being performed as a fourpiece 8O

                        @paolinogrande: good memory … or even a re-listen? (One can always ask ;) )


                          Missing from setlist: Bartok of the Universe. Was played early, song 2/3 or so.


                            Yes that's true,dont know why i forgot to put it down!I will edit…


                              @Tomcat: one can ask :) I'm not going to insist that those quotes are word for word, I was not taping. Hopefully something will show up!


                                Amazing heavy set!

                                I share the same point of view regarding Reine as @shakti, but all in all he did a good job – as usual.

                                Very good sound from my position – well balanced, loud and clear. Vocals were extremely good, especially from Bent. Snah had some problems with guitar at the start of the set, so he had to move over to the synth. Love seeing the boys solve problems as they go. And Tomas? What a fucking MONSTER!

                                Blitz got to be the best venue (sound-wise) in Oslo. For the lucky people going to Blitz during the week, I suggest you to move to another spot if you're not satisfied with the sound.

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