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      Whip that ghost



      United Debased





      At Empires End

      Cornucopia incl Grateful Dead the other one

      Bonny Lee

      Whole lotta Diana

      The Wheel



        What a setlist to end this 5-night-residency!

        boomer former helm

          Oh what a great setlist. Cornucopia is a great surprise…


            Great setlist, great performance. Sound crystal clear from the start.

            X3 had the Getaway Special jam at the end. Cornucopia had That's It For

            The Other One inside it.

            Unfortunately a pretty braindead, drunken audience killed

            a lot of the excitement for me this time.

            Highlights: Whip That Ghost and Frances opened the show on a high note.

            And near the end Cornucopia and The Wheel had AWESOME jams that I could

            get into.

            For me Wednesday's gig was FAR superior. Still bummed out I didn't get either

            LLM or NOX any of those days. But maybe next time.


              I agree.Wednesday was the best of the 5 gigs, but there where diamonds in all of them.Also agree on the audience, but that's the way it goes I guess…


                @Emily: Don't get me wrong. I understand that after 1 1/2 years of a shitty pandemic, people want to go out, get drunk and have (fun) loud conversations with eachother. I'm just not sure if a Motorpsycho concert is the right place to do so.

                But at least Wednesday's gig was one for the history books. Because that one was actually insanely good.


                Great setlist and performance. Unfortunately the stupid woman, who got up on stage at the end, was next to me for a big part of the show. So that ruined a big part of it for me.

                The Wheel was epic and Frances was a nice suprise.


                Agree with what has been said here. Great start with Whip and Frances, Superstooge once again had Fiske playing the slide guitar lick which was nice, and it had a great noisy middle section. The next four songs didn't cut it for me and Fiske broke a string at some point in there and maybe that took some focus. I also had to struggle with the drunken audience during those songs before I moved away from the worst of them. S.T.G. Picked up the pace again and had another great noisy crescendo, but the best parts of the concert came from the jam section in At Empire's End and out. Cornucopia, Diana and The Wheel were excellent and had some truly wonderful jamming.


                  I really really liked the crazy playing from Reine in the second half of Bonny Lee.


                  Surprised to hear that about the audience. I found it to be exemplary on both Wed and Thur. you could hear a pin drop during the quiet parts, yet the enthusiasm was high all the time.

                  I have a hard time deciding which night of the two shows I saw was the best. I think Thursday was the most magical. N.O.X was unreal on Thursday, Lady May was even better than the day before, and the surprise songs like Bonney Lee and Step Inside were gems. But I was, quite frankly, a bit exhausted from the night before so as the show progressed I couldn’t really keep up. Little Lucid Moments was great, but I didn’t have the energy to take it in. I almost left before Fool’s Gold, but so glad I didn’t! I had a two hour drive home after the gig and early work on Friday, so that put a damper on things for me as well. If I had been able to go “all in” on Thursday I think that could have been a top 3 ever Motorpsycho gig for me.

                  Wednesday had some sizzling energy though, and the jamming was fantastic that night even if there were a few too many stoner prog type songs for my taste. Even if I was hoping for many other songs than what was played, they are on such tremendous form at this stage that it doesn’t really matter what they play. Bent is clearly the “conductor” of the band, but Tomas brings so much energy and innovation. He was smiling and grinning and clearly seems to love playing in this band. I’ve raved about him before and will gladly repeat my praise. He is just shockingly good, I love every aspect of his playing, from his technique to his sound to his groove and to his intuitive musicality and understanding of when to play it simple and when to unleash it all. He is a joy to both watch and listen to. I truly feel we are witnessing the second golden age of the band. They’ve always been great, but I hold the ‘93-99 period as the peak. However from 2017 and until now they’ve hit new peaks that can (almost) match that transcendent 90s period IMHO.


                      Dime has the goods now. As usual LarsM and mighty Spacey

                      bringing the goods :D

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