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    boomer former helm

      really looking forward the recording. :-)


      okay i’ll give it a go later this evening in an upload trail.

      read that ruuntje’s recording didn’t work out @ due to tor. problems

      so wonder my file will also upload at all?


      Ok after 10 attempts yesterday evening and even more fault messages from dimeadozen I’ve mangaged to put my recording from the brussels gig online.

      Please seed when you’ve downloaded the files, I keep mines open for the next hour then my pc is shutdown. It will be online later this evening round midnight.

      here’s the link for that brussels concert, beware of the violent whistle blower in

      “we want more golden core”

      Motorpsycho,Botanique venue


      ah a quick upload to norway already , must be fan :MPD:


      please seed, I don’t keep this file online for ages


      okay I put up the speed now


        Hey Vortex, the info file on dime states you recorded the gig in mp3 format. What’s the reasoning behind that? I have a Zoom H2 as well and with a 4GB SD-card I can record 6+ hours of uncompressed wav on it, longer than the battery capacity.

        Just curious. Not complaining.

        Cheers for getting this up so quickly!

        boomer former helm

          please keep seeding for awhile, it takes me another 5 hours as i see. after i downloaded it i will of course seed it the next couple of days…


          Hey rune, i used a 1gig card, the device was brandnew and I didn’t knew dimea didn’t store mp3 files.There is no lack of quality (due to 256kbs) it was only a storage issue on my zoom that evening.

          I used the 120° rear mics. Was the first time I used my new zoom2 only got it from friday.

          First wanted to buy the new zoom4, but that was sheer overkill for such purposes.


          Boomer, sorry man have to shut down my pc in a few hours… no worries if I post here again the files are back online.

          please seed

            I used the 120° rear mics.

            Yes, that I do too. I have found that the front 90° are a lot more sensitive. Have a couple of distorted recordings thanks to that. Good for home use, perhaps, but for loud gigs I always use the rear mics.


            Good God !!!!



            Knowingly uploaded mp3-sourced material. DIME is a tracker for lossless music. Please read the rules:


            Converting mp3s back to wav and then to flac does not make them lossless again!”


            I just got banned from dimea… :(

            someone mentioned the mp3 conversion and that was enough reason to kick me out by the system moderator

            ah it was fun and I’ve learend some things since yesterday evening

            I don’t understand the fuzz because most people convert the files anyway to make it compatible with their ipod’s or other listening devices.


            OK. Vortex, if you need any help, let me know. I’d be happy to help you out.

            First of all, what software did you use to split the recording into individual tracks ?

            First thing to do is convert the original 256kbps mp3 into wav. But I guess you already know this. If you’re using a pc/windows based computer, CDWAV is the most common software that tapers use to create trackmarks:

            After you have split the recording into individual tracks all you need to do is convert the wavs into flac (I figured that the classic flac frontend works best for this: – Trader’s Little Helper is a nice tool for this, too: – works for decoding mp3 to wav and encoding wav to flac as well).

            boomer former helm

              hmm, strange story. but the files are still available…

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