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    Totally amazing performance by Carte Blanche, the Norwegian national company of contemporary dance, and Motorpsycho, the best band in Norway, at the Oslo Opera House last night!

    Motorpsycho played a short instrumental intro before launching their spaceship with an incredible 30-minute "A K9 Suite", possibly the best version I've ever heard, where the "The Rounder We Go, The Faster We Get" part seemed to increase in speed and volume forever. This was followed by the 30-minute "Here Be Monsters", the title track from the new album which was actually too long to fit on it and therefore will be released as a limited edition 12" on the band's own label and sold at shows only. The whole set was pure '70s prog rock but still sounded fresh and contemporary in a way only Motorpsycho can pull off, with Snah on guitar and (on "Monsters") synthesizer, Bent on bass, Taurus pedals and Mellotron, Reine on Mellotron, and of course Kenneth on the drums.

    Today's performance with the same lineup is sold out, and so is the following two days with music by Susanna. Those of you who have tickets are very lucky! :-)


    There will also be two performances in Bergen on February 4 and 5.


      The band – especially on 'Monster – sounds like Meddle era Floyd, and Bent – fittingly – looks like Gilmours long lost twin brother from the Meddle days. Awesome. Anyway, cool show, I didn't expect to hear anything familiar, and then they launch into a 35 minute K9.. Awesome.

      petter: What is this about a limited 12"?


      The track "Here Be Monsters" is as long as the live version and consequently didn't fit on the album, so it'll be released separately by the band as a tour only 12".

      boomer former helm

        oh man, i wish i could have been there. limitied 12"? need news on that :MPD:


          GORGEOUS SETLIST! Woah, just seemed to be the right show for me. Hope somebody taped this and

          the further other enchanting evenings.

          Let's see…


            Was at the performance tonight and yes. K-9/Un chien/Dance til you drop-edition was incredibly good. Just perfect. The sound was also very good (center, row 3). And the monsters does have some elements that would fit just right in Pink Floyd's Echoes. Not that there is anything wrong with that!

            The dance performance is a bit harder for me to say anything relevant about, but it was "interesting".


              I centre row 3 yesterday, and also thought the sound was great. Here be monsters was fantastic and I think I remember something about it from the Teknisk Museum gig. Cant wait for 22 february and 2 april now!


                @tkm: Yes, Here Be Monsters was played at Teknisk Museum (the last track). At the Opera it

                was presented in a slightly reworked version with a triple keyboard attack in the mid-jam.

                The set lasted an hour and was divided 50/50 between Un Chien and Here Be Monsters. I think

                the combination of music and dance became a bit overwhelming at times (especially on Un Chien), but they did a good job on Here Be Monsters. At one part nearly all of the dancers headbanged in sync :lol:

                Is it February 12th yet? Because if the non-album title track is representative of the direction of

                this material, then we're in for yet another masterpiece. Like always.

                And they better have a Here Be Monsters 12" available for me at Rockefeller!


                  Dagsavisen review

                  Dagsavisen wasn't quite satisfied…


                    I hope they are going to take both of them dogs on the road in April/May ;-) Limited 12inch, bands own label, Floyd-Echoes? WOW eeerm … WOUF!


                      Exciting times, exciting times. Imagine Motorpsycho covering Echoes..


                        Imagine Motorpsycho covering Can… :!:

                        boomer former helm

                          Exciting times, indeed :-)


                            The not-so-enthusiastic review in Dagsavisen is mainly concerned about the dancers not being able to improvise around the music. No complaints about the band.

                            Oh, why did they have to build that national opera so far away from the civilisation? :?

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