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      I Second that Ratmaus! No new info at all there. Can’t wait for a more detailed review as soon as our fellow nauts get their headphones off and decide to spend a few minutes in here….if they can that is. My bet is that the album is so cool that they can’t put it away, even for a second. :D


        I’m at work, itching to run down to buy the album. Man oh man.


          Just visited Plato in Utrecht. They are getting is at the 24th…

          Glad I pre-ordered!


          Hi from Italy, i have received it today. Stickman said the 7th of August, and so it has been! And now go to listen!

          boomer former helm

            just another 1/2 hour, then my favourite recordstore will have it :D just sitting in front and waiting for the postal service, which is supposed to come 3pm. drinkin´ beer, chattin´… :MPD:


              Why does everybody around the world get his/her children of the future even before the official release date and i am who lives in germany (and who pre-ordered and payed instantly) has to wait that long…:-(


                Got mine today. After first listen, I´m happy! Putting it on again now… And it looks good too


                GRRRRR Fucking Norwegian post!!!! ordered the album in may and the can’t get it to me on the realese day!!!! OOOOOOOOOOH my heart hurts. well have to wait for tomorrow. waiting for the one…..


                Sorry, dont have the time to write a review,

                but on one hand, I’m very happy with the instrumental part, but on the other hand, I dont think most of the vocals sound like typical motorpsycho. Don’t get me wrong, on record the vocals sound perfect, but it’s more some kind of Yes and it wont be possible to do this on stage…

                Anyway: In Whole lotta Diana they blow your mind (instrumentally) and Cornucopia is the most catchy song for me so far.

                My least favorite will be and is “Mr. Victim” (reminds me of Coalmine pony in a hard way)…

                  Why does everybody around the world get his/her children of the future even before the official release date and i am who lives in germany (and who pre-ordered and payed instantly) has to wait that long…:-(

                  me too :-(

                  @ un chien, i’ll buy the bielefeld ticket sunday evening at the forum, ok?


                    It’s just a great album! Don’t expect the kind of raw and radical production one would expect from an Albini-recorded album. The sound is warm and organic, very vintage and all three musicians can be heard equally upfront, particularly Bent is very present. The compositions continue where LLM stopped only that there are more hits and nicer melodies. They manage to combine great indie pop melodies (think “Timothy/Angels/Blissard”-era) with wild and out of control jamming. Some of the tracks feature REALLY fierce soloing by Snah and that’s the part that really blows me away. Highlight so far is the first track on side B. They definitely have found a disctinctive Kenneth-era musical language: One can still hear traces of LLM here and there but it’s also a progression. I like it better than LLM because this one breathes with power, jams and vintage vibes whereas LLM felt a bit bloodless and constructed. Here on COFT you’ll find the power trio letting loose in just exactly the way we have grown to love so much since the mid-90s!!!

                    Very satisfied psychonaut here!


                    Just picked a copy at my local record store here in Bergen…And all I can say about the record is that Motorpsycho proves that they are the most artistic band still going…


                    I’ve listened to it twice. I feared it would sound like Nirvana – In Utero or Pixies – Surfer Rosa, two albums Steve Albini has produced. They are good but a bit too raw to my taste. But this one doesn’t sound like them. I think it’s quite good but I’ll listen to it a lot more before deciding what I think about it.


                    First impressions of Child Of The Future:

                    The cover is a Kim Hiorthøy – classy, but not as epic as some of his other work. Nevertheless – this seems to be an album where the more epic songs have been excluded in favour of more straightahed rock songs – a barracuda born from the LLM sessions, perhaps. ;D

                    Side 1, track 1: The Ozzylot (Hidden In A Girl)

                    The first song of the album with a thumping beat from the boys and a nice riff from snah – a quick and effective rock song. Snahs guitarwork is top notch troughout the album – playful, energetic and emotional.

                    Side 1, track 2: Riding The Tiger

                    Wonderful and spacey bass opening – i suddenly understand the band’s pleased outburst after the sessions with Albini and their satisfaction with the groovy recordings. Very riffing ‘n’ rhythmic bass and drums. The guitar is taking the back seat in the beginning – letting the drums and bass do the most work. Snahs solo starts behind a great bass riff from Bent.

                    Side 1, track 3: Whole Lotta Diana

                    A skipping beat jumpstarts the song with a rough vocal track kicking the music – the chorus let rip and we’re off with – yet again – a almost funky rhythm track (it kick and rock). We’re definetely back in the seventies power rock era previously visited in Barracuda – but this time they’re furious!.. :D ..The instrumental mid-section is amazingly funky – the band switches gears and head down to jam the hell out of their equipment.

                    Side 2, track 1: Cornucopia (..or Satan, uh ..Something)

                    The song starts up with some quiet jazz piano, but soon escalates into a slow rocker. I don’t know why, but the piano bits and the guitar reminds me of Thin Lizzy.. :D ..perhaps because it’s both slow and rocking – the way Lynnott made his mark? Again, Snah is in top form – but the interplay of Kenneth and Bent is amazing. There’s lots of jawdropping details, but one can keep up with the beat. Right now it feels that the songs gradually gets better – this is the best one so far.

                    Side 2, track 2: Mr. Victim

                    Uh, it was too good to last – it’s not better than Cornucopia. That’s not saying it’s bad. It’s a straight rock song from the same mold as The Ozzylot (the school of Blissard and the AADAP).

                    Side 2, track 3: The Waiting Game

                    Wow – talk about taking it down a notch! It’s a acoustic and fragile song and i suddenly get a feel like i had when i heard Stalemate on AADAP: that dark and claustrophobic sense of loneliness – but enjoying it. At the end more vocals and guitars tune in – adding the sound of a freak version of Beatles..

                    Side 2, track 4: Child Of The Future

                    The title track is settling back into the trend of the album: a driving rhythm section with the guitar adding details settling into, not against, the rhythm.

                    Conclusion – the album seems like a sidestep to the LLM which i personally thinks is the band’s fourth best album. I feel like it’s a evolution of BH/BC, but with a stronger sound from a cohesive unit and details from their 96-97 period. Right now it’s 7.0/10.0.


                      @superstooka: yes please!

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