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    Just want to say that the album kicks ass.

    And for the vinyl/digital – discussion: If you love the band, buy the album.

    If you dont a vinyl player, buy one.

    End of the discussion for my part.

    And pleaaasse, dont rip and upload it. (bound to happen, but I sure as hell wont do it)

    Respect the artist.


    Got mine yesterday. Overall it’s great! I’m not a big fan of Steve Albini as an engineer, but the one thing he’s really good at is putting a band in a comfortable, creative situation where they can just play. It definitely sounds like they’re having a great time playing together. For as complicated as the arrangements and parts are, the whole album has a really live feel.

    Musically, I’d definitely say this follows on directly from LLM. Almost all of the vocals are doubled and a lot are harmonized. Long instrumental and solo sections. A lot of odd meter grooves.

    I’d disagree with the earlier review calling Mr Victim a straight ahead rock song. It’s as intense as the rest and to me has a hint of early King Crimson sprinkled in with the Yes. The pounding riff that opens and closes it reminds me of Demon Box for some reason. At the moment I’d have to say that my least favorite track is the title track.

    Now I just have to get that turntable installed in my car…


    GBD: I realise that a lot of people just download stuff and never bother to buy the cd. But I consider myself a returning customer to the output of this band (concerts, cd’s, t-shirts) and this customer wants it on cd [as do most of the fans I’m sure.]

    I don’t own a recordplayer anymore and I am not buying one just for this album. But I do want to hear it before the anniversary tour. It will be leaked soon anyway, it’s quite easy to make decent quality files from lp’s.

    My guess is that no more than 30% of Motorpsycho fans have recordplayers.

    Enjoy the record and hopefully the best songs will show up on the next Roadwork [CD only, hehehe] album. See you guys in Haarlem & Cologne whoever you are ;).


      greets from beijing. sitting here in a nice coffeeshop. cant listen to COTF for another month. so think of me and dont argue about vinyl-only. :)


        yeah! i got it!


        Off topic: “Child Of The Future” was the song they opened up with at “Haldern Festival” (in the mud) back in 2006!


          are you sure? i was there but can’t remeber the setlist…


          i am sure, it’s in my digital player right now ;-)

          Update: What I have is more of a document than recording: Incomplete, flaws, bad sound… nothing to be spread I’m afraid. But pm me if you have been there :)


            you have a recording of the haldern gig?


              I am with Marcel here. I own every MP-Release from start to finish (including a lot of EPs I hardly ever listen to), I went to about 20 MP-gigs, I bought the DVD and on and on, but I am not going to buy a record player for one album! Usually I buy all of my CDs and I am not illegally downloading Gigabytes of music.

              BUT I rather download this record and throw 15 Euros or something on stage at the Hamburg gig. Concerning the “downfall” of the music industry: If this is true or not I don’t want to discuss here, but anyway I don’t think this will apply to this record. First: There are not so many people buying this thing anyway, so that an upload would lead to like 15000 records sold less and the members of this forum who are very willing to buy a record, but are not willing to buy a record player are KEPT from spending money for the Band. So, – in a way – they are loosing this money anyway.

              And I am not talking about an upload to the Piratebay-Tracker or something, but maybe a password protected zip-File or something. I know that it might not be a good thing to ask for something like this in a fan forum as it might violate laws, so never mind, but if I remember correctly a download link for BH/BC was spread on this forum back then and Stickman didn’t close down this site.


              i would be more interested in the haldern gig recording…


                More info regarding the songs:

                Side A:

                The Ozzylot (Hidden In A Girl) 4:30 Sæther

                Riding The Tiger 5:25 Ryan/Sæther

                Whole Lotta Diana 8:57 Kapstad/Sæther

                Side B:

                Cornucopia (…Or Satan, Uh… Something) 6:24 Ryan/Sæther

                Mr. Victim 4:17 Ryan/Sæther

                The Waiting Game 4:57 Sæther

                Child Of The Future 5:00 Sæther


                  Thanks Otherdemon! So the running time is about 40 minutes then?! Nice. Can’t wait to hear it. I’m really looking forward to that Diana track. Ppl seem to like it alot!

                  By the way….which track is the one featured on the Slottsfjell video? That one sounds really cool!


                  Been playing this record now for te past hour. I really really like it. At times it reminds me of an updated version of Barracuda. Lots of harmony vocals (Riding the tiger!), lots of meterchanges. Favorites so far: The Ozzylot (which has a kind of Uberwagner-feel to it), Riding The Tiger, Cornucopia and Child Of The Future.


                  Be: I completely agree. Got all MP work, saw them many times live but I am not going to buy a record player just to hear CotF. We’re living in 2009, not in 1969.

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