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      “Barracuda is a joke of a record compared to this…and I like Barracuda”

      thanx Shakti!!! i have been concerned since I saw somebody mentioned Barracuda. For me, the worst stuff Motorpsycho ever released. But for a band like Motorpsycho you can not get it right at every record. :-)

      i’ve got the message from my local post office that the record has arrived, but since i finally had some good weater in the end of my vacation i have been in my boat most of the time (and played music from my ipod…you know these digital files which makes everything easier when you travel :D)

      so tomorrow i finally will listen to it. i really don’t know what to expect. i see namedropping of songs that i really like and also of songs that i don’t like.


        ha, that’s funny. i once also caught myself wondering/being annoyed about the absence of the tattoo on the cover of one of the later releases (it’s a love cult i think)…until i realized that neither the tattoo nor the mp font had ever been there in the first place. actually only 8 songs and barracuda, with the latter being some last-minute substitute artwork if i remember correctly. weird, how this was engraved in my mind…i could have sworn that the font was THE trademark of every cover.

        btw, still not having my vinyl from stickman yet – waiting for monday.


        review of cotf – in german – by the german mailorder “flight 13”:

        “MOTORPSYCHO – child of the future D 09 LP 16,9

        Vinyl-only-Release der drei Jungs aus Trondheim, die dieses Jahr ihr 20-jähriges Jubiläum feiern. Nur 4 Tage waren sie für die 7 Songs mit Steve Albini in dessen Chicagoer Electrical Audio Studio. Sollten sie öfter machen, sie rocken hier so gut wie lange nicht mehr, organische, treibende Psychedelicrocker im fast durchweg sehr hohen Tempo, Bass und Drums sorgen für einen hypnotischen Punchgroove, die besten Momente hart rockender 70s-Acts und des skandinavischen Rocks dieser Zeit sind immer präsent in dem erdigen Sound, ergänzt um die gut und sparsam platzierten Vocallines mit klasse Backgroundchor und natürlich auch Platz für rhythmische wie Gitarrenimprovisation. Und ein verhuschtes Akkustikgitarrenstück haben sie auch dazwischen versteckt. Weisses Vinyl mit sehr coolem Augenlochcover und Poster. *Stickman”


        Did anybody notice that “Ride the Tiger” has a strong reference to “Tristano”,

        the instrumental that was never released on record but was played live regularly

        on the 2002 tour?

        The song uses the charismatic bass lick in a slightly different rhythmic context and

        w/ a stronger rock vibe …


        Yeah, first thing that came into my head when I heard “Ride The Tiger” was actually “Tristano”. Tristano is released though. Jazz-version on Fishtank, remember?

        First thing that bumped into my head then I heard “The Ozzylot” was “Hyena” for some reason. Think its the drums or somthing.

        Great drumming on the album btw! Hats off for the Kap!




        Just finished the obligatory “listening with headset at full volume”.. :D

        I still think Cornucopia and Whole Lotta Diana are the best tracks on the album, but now my first impressions of Mr. Victim and Child Of The Future are changing. I feel a sense of motorik in Victim and a hidden grandiosity in COTF. With headset the quiet calm of Waiting takes hold too. Riding The Tiger has some of that wonderful Tristano groove, but i feel The Ozzylot is a bit one-dimensional opening track..

        Still – the album is still growing on me. I still feel it’s wrong to call it a sucessor to LLM (that album being the best album from Motorpsycho since Trust Us)because the sheer epic magnitude of that album. But with that exclusion i feel that this could be the most complete album from the band since Phanerothyme. It’ll be very interesting to see what the next album will sound like – will it follow the tracks of LLM or COTF?

        I’m still not completely satisfied with the artwork – it feel like a “letdown” (if one can call Hiortøys work that) – but his work with the band has always been great.


          Guess you are all ‘better’ psychonauts then me, listening to the new album.

          I cannot see how MP choose to exclude many MP-fans. Hope I will be over this disappointment before the Fall shows. Otherwise I will choose not to spend any money on that.


            All right. Child of the Future is completely awesome. I guess Bent has speedloaded his bass for this one, the guy is on fire.. Luckily the new material is as good on record as it was live, incredible stuff!


              Aaaah stop it ppl. You’re making it hard to live these days!! :)

              But seriously….this sounds mighty fine. Can’t wait to get back home and listen to it. Only 3 days left now.

              But again….if someone knows….what song was played on the slottsfjell video? ….with the lyric “…as life pass you by….”?

              @ A:


              If i’m not mistaken they did both Cornucopia and Riding The Tiger at this year’s Roadburn – at least it said Satan and Tiger at the playlist – and the songs sounded awesome live!

              A: I hope you don’t skip the band’s concerts because of their policy on COTF – you’d miss out on something great and their next album will surely be out on more formats.


                Time for a track-by-track:

                A1) The Ozzylot (Hidden in a Girl): upbeat and catchy opener. It reminds me too of Hyena, mainly due to the drums and bouncy feel. I also understand the Ãœberwagner reference above. The energy level is palpable, even though this is probably the “lightest” and “poppiest” track on the album. I hear some similarities in the vocal melodies and harmonies to songs like Go to California, SNAFU and Fade to Grey (ugh!), but worry not. This is light years better, and shows that Motorpsycho have not forgotten how to make catchy indie-rock songs that stick in your mind. Snah pulls off a great solo that balances neatly on the edge between stupid and clever…such a fine line, you know. I love to hear him approach the guitar irreverently like this.

                A2) Riding the Tiger: Comes riding in on a great groove by Kenneth, adding Tristano-style bass from Bent and some beautiful spacey noodling from Snah, on a wash of electric organ underneath. Then the groove solidifes around that familiar riff, which they finally make proper use of (remember those great versions of Tristano around ’99-’00?). Nice vocals and some really inspired guitarwork from Snah (with that gorgeous Space-echo reverb!) on a song which takes the energy level up quite a few notches. I struggle to come up with comparisons for this song. It doesn’t really sound quite like anything else in their catalogue, and seems to confirm what I heard at Slottsfjellet: they are starting to really find a new, yet familiar musical language for the Kenneth era.

                A3) Whole Lotta Diana: if you thought it couldn’t get more intense, watch out! This song just explodes right in your face. The rhythm work by Bent and the Kap is out of this world. Bent screams the vocals like he hasn’t done in at least 10 years. Is this the best I’ve ever heard them *play* on record? Quite possibly. My favourite track on the album. When I first heard it at Slottsfjellet, I just stood there with my jaw on the ground and the silliest grin ever. Impossible not to love this track, and it’s going to be a show-stopper on every single show. Snah plays some blistering solos, and the energy level never drops. Multiple tempo and rhythm changes. It’s gloriously silly, stupid cock-rock of the highest order, complete with funky sections, a psychedelic effects-laden vocal interlude and Sabbath-style sludgey coda as the grooves run out. Perfect.

                B1: Cornucopia (or Satan….uh, something): This reminds me of Triggerman, and is probably the darkest song on the album. It wouldn’t have sounded out of place on BHBC. Another great track.

                B2: Mr. Victim: It took me a few spins to appreciate this. Usually the weakest track on an album is the second track on side B, and it’s possible that Motorpsycho thought so too. But you’ll have to love this for the energy and fantastic playing alone. Reminds me slightly of Mantrick Muffin Stomp, but also earlier tracks like Feedtime(!) and Sheer Profoundity(!!).

                B3: The Waiting Game: take one pinch of Fool’s Gold and one pinch of Radiance Freq. Beautiful, eerie, psychedelic track with some gorgeous Leslie guitar, Beatles-style, added. I love how they dare to include such an obscure track as this. It could have just as easily been used on an EP, but it’s plenty strong enough to be LP material.

                B4: Child of the Future: as I mentioned previously, I always dug this song, but overall prefer the faster version they played live in 2006. OTOH, it works much better as an album closer at the slower, more majestic pace the play it here.

                Overall, I rate this album a very solid or even strong 5 out of 6. I like it much better than LLM, which is an album I admire or respect more than really enjoy. It was great to hear the new band on record sounding live and raw, but I thought it suffered from a lack of tunes and underdeveloped songs. All of that is fixed here; this is a band in the truest sense, playing and sounding live and raw, but not a second is wasted. More surprising, however, is how urgent and hungry the band sounds. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought this was a debut release by some fantastic new band from the underground, yet it’s a record which couldn’t have been made without 20 years of experience. Bravo!


                  Damn nice review man! If i was drooling earlier, i’m spewing out waterfalls now! Aaah. I can’t wait!!! This all sounds so promising. And to think….this is just a aniversary release, and another one is already in the making! Man..These are indeed fine times to be a psychonaut!


                    So, I’ve got my CotF (AND already on my ipod, long live technological evolution!), I’d say I heard better albums by them… this one is somewhat LLM with shorter songs and the muddy sound of BHBC. I’m not impressed (and that is not to thwart your high expectations, GBD ;) ), but there are surely some nice tunes and riffs on there.

                    Oh and not to forget: the artwork bites. What the hell was Kim thinking?


                      @jtr: Yes, long live technology.


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