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      In my opinion torrents sucks. I want vinyl. And Motorpsycho know Tony who made this. And the release is ok by the band.


        Word is the source is different to the known torrent / audience recording, most likely soundboard (from the FV crew?). It is unfortunate to only press 100 copies US-exclusive, there is a high demand for mp live vinyl besides Roadwork. Why no European Rockfreak release? There are many records of FV concerts, the one by Causa Sui f.e. is legendary :o A "best of double album" of the mp show would be just fine :cheers:

          And Motorpsycho know Tony who made this. And the release is ok by the band.



            So, if it is confirmed that the band did agree Tony Reed doing this, it's ok and

            I'll take back every assault from my former mail.

            But I'm very dissapointed to see just a snippet of the show. Why no 2-3 LP set?

            Too expensive? And, ok, in the US of A – nobody really knows them except for some

            psychonautic explorers. Anyway, I'm still rather sucked about this "release".

            Set it free for all. Even a vinyl rip would do, as I already see that bumping up on

            ebay or other sellers for a horrible price.


              Where is that confirmation from the band that they are OK with this release? The bootleggers didn't even bother to check that the names were spelled OK.


                Of course vinyl is something special. And some artists tolerate/support irregular/semi-official "bootleg" releases. Julian Cope even sold versions of an "unofficial" Italian release on his website. But that's something different…

                Anyway – the "value" of this product lies more or less in the vinyl edition. As long as they're not mass distributed and there are free available sources of this gig this might be o.k. – if it is with the Band still isn't clear for me.

                Let us throw our money together and buy/hire a pressing plant! We could co-finance (non-commercially, fans only) a vast edition of otherwise freely available, good sounding, exclusive and limited Motorpsycho records with much better artwork. Of course this would have to be ok'd by the band – but as long as we don't make money (just self-supporting co-operative sharing) and probably deliver some samples of each album to Trondheim, this probably shouldn't be a problem.

                Anyway – much this would be much better than these dubious releases…


                  I'd be in for that. Double LP of FV 2014 Kenneth-era cut with the official source.

                  As follow up a Matrix 2-LP of LEIPZIG 2019 (A = Crucible, B = Mountain, C = Starhammer, D = Tower).

                  If this works fine I'd vote for a third release based on LEUVEN 2019 (Bernie + source by the band?)

                  A = Lacuna Spacerise, B = Laguna Landing + Ãœberpilgrim, C = A Pacific Sonata (!), D = Fools Gold (!). This show could easily make a Triple LP as well. As does Bremen Schlachthof 2017 of course :P


                    Ok – let's start editing ;-) Shame the name Fantasy Records is gone already (CCR, as far as I know)…


                      this has the full story behind the release…

                      DEVIL’S CHILD RECORDS Reveals Live Bootleg Series #2: MOTORPSYCHO ‘Cloudwalkers – Freak Valley Festival May 31st 2014’

                      I get that it's frustrating not to be able to get the LP outside of the US, but, at least you guys in Europe get to see them regularly, and don't have to pay high shipping fees to get most of the cool limited special releases. Can't us stateside fans just have this ONE? :)


                        The major "problem" with this release it is that it mainly got to a few people (who bought multiple copies) and is based in Europe. That kinda defeat the purpose. 8O


                          The release seems to be alright. I've got no problem with that, especially after downloading the excellent DIME-version of this gig.

                          Next time better check to sell only 2-3 copies to each buyer with such a limited number of albums available.


                            Really hard to believe that Bent approved this but even so amazing that he did :-)

                            The Other Anders

                              I think this way of doing things is utter bullshit. It kills the joy of collecting. And no, I don't see why you stateside fans shall have this ONE. It's not like the European releases are Europe only, is it? Why only stateside fans? Especially today when it's all over the internet in a split second. "Let's see your pics once this hits your turn table!". Hrmf.

                                It kills the joy of collecting.

                                Not at all! This is what collecting is all about 8)

                                If you really – I mean really – wanted this release, you should be able to if you moved fast enough. Either by getting in touch with an acquaintance/contact in the States (and who doesn't have that in this day and age?), or by using one of the virtual mailbox services. I'm from Norway, and I had no problem in securing myself a copy. I'll be sure to post some pics when I receive it :twisted:


                                  Well, it would have been nice to spread the news a little earlier so people could have organized combined-orders and check that mentioned mailservice. The bootleg was sold out the same day and the info on the audio source was very vague + no-one was sure if the band is fine with this release. (mp fans are very loyal!)

                                  Hearing now people could order multiple (…) copies gives it an even more bitter taste since it will be sold at high prices of which neither the Devils' Children nor the band will profit. Very unsatisfying in the end :x

                                  I hope the Rockfreaks (Freak Valley Label) will be allowed and willed to release the concert on their label – there must be someone talented to mix this with passion. Long live vinyl!

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