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    hi psychonauts!

    is it possible that someone send me the COTF songs as mp3? i own the vinyl but so i could listen to them when i walk around or drive in my car. :)

    everything stays in the family of course ;)

    would be nice.


      You'll find it on Piratebay.



        Actually really hard to find it anywhere in stereo, all files out there are in mono for some reason. Anyone have them in decent quality? I also have the vinyl, I just don't have a record player. :)


          Get yourself a record player! what's the use of owning mp vinyls without one?

          : I'll send you a download link, if you get me your e-mail adress.


          i said i want to listen to the songs in my car out outdoor – thst´s a little bit difficult with vinyl. that´s why i would like to have them digital.

          btw i own a redcord player.


            That remark was directed at Hyena – you should find your coftf-link in the mail (adress that I found on your website)


            btw: of course people without a record player bought the viny-only coftf – would have done the same. Nevertheless: vinyl rules!


              @Johnny_Heartfield I know, but I'm saving up for a Thorens TD-160 that I got my eye on, I used to have some crappy no name that got busted.


              Yeah, right! Why the quality is mono? Was it band's intention? The most mysterious MP album for me, no info at all, just what wiki says :roll:


                @Kamille, I think they just wanted to make a "special" album for their 20th anniversary. They only printed the album on vinyl to make it more unique. They same with Strings of Stroop (Live album from Effenaar).


                Okay, got it! Just need more details :D


                  The music was a result after a session with Steve Albini in his Electrical audio studio

                Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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