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    Currently going through my massive vinyl collection, and i stumbled upon a copy of Demon Box i got personally from the owner of the label before the record was released. There are no graphics on the records and they are in an unmarked black cover. The guy left a note inside with the album name, other than that you have to play it to know what it is. Its probably a one of a kind version of the album, it is unplayed and in good condition. Anyone interested?

    edit: its been identified as this test pressing (so not one of a kind)




    Yes, I am interested. Are we talking about the release in 1993 or the one on Rune just a few years ago? Please send me an e-mail: winsnes at gmail :-)


    how much? flotrepus at hotmail dot com

    #32866 here is an image, the wavy things is from the cover, both records are mint. I have no idea what that star logo is from, maybe some of you know if its related :)


    It is probably this test pressing


    you are very right neil, thanks!

    anyways, if someones interested, contact me at matsekern (at)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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