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    Krist Rampage

      Mikke you are right, it is a strange discussion. They band should always do what they want and we can buy whatever we want. Or not. Is it june 9 yet?


        I realized it's only easy to say "60E a year" (as I did above) if you're not a bit late to the party and need/want to get their back catalogue now. Bit more expensive as if you were a Tool fan since 2016. :) I just bought a record or two since 93, so I never felt like spending a lot. But sometimes I wish I'd discover a band nowadays with a huge back catalgue to delve into.


        OMFG. What is up with people these days? Greedy, needy and spoilt rotten.

        It is not bad enough that the band is on its last legs (probably) because of that Swedish percussionist, but now their so-called fans want them to give away the music for free. Wonder how many times I've heard that 'I am too broke to buy music and pay my bills' from people in expensive footwear drinking wildly overpriced and supposedly handcrafted beer and playing around with their latest iPhone-thingie. Parasites the lot of them.

        What the hell do you think will happen to music in general and our favorite bands in particular if everyone thought like your ilk, @mybestfriend69? But the thing with your sort is that you expect the rest of us to pick up the tab for your entertainment while you spend what you get from the government or from selling coke cut with dangerous amounts of MDMA on stuff you think will get you laid. Well, if it works you hopefully will get some sort of exotic disease.

        Please FOAD, my friend. Thank you in advance.


          Dude come down… Breath… Take a relaxing pill… If i shall explain to you i have around 380 euros a month… I had to spend 75 euros for my gas and water… 50 euros other costs… I have about 250 euros a month left and i have to eat and smoke which makes at least 200 euros a month… Man and im not walking around in expensive clothes … And i can not eat very good in germany for that money… Man i am so glad that this spotify things exists so cheap… So dont blame me for the music industry beeing fucked up… Anyway i wanted this to be answered short. lol


          @mybestfriendintheworld: I am totally calm, 'dude'.

          On the other hand it is very rewarding for me to see that I got your personality pegged without even trying. You really are one of these wankers that want something/anything for free? Refreshing to see that kind of honesty.

          The 'music industry' does not exist anymore and anyway Motorpsycho was never a part of it in the traditional sense so that point is null and void. Sorry for bursting that bubble. And you just spew all these inanities to rationalize why it is ok for you to want a piece of art for free (or as close to free as possible). In fact you want the artist to pay you for listening to their music, doncha. What a simply wonderful attitude. Life is your playground and everybody on the planet owes you something, right?

          I'm glad we got that sorted then. You are not much of a fan but you are even less of a person. Now go away, you entitled little brat. The other hippies around these parts would never give you a straight answer because they are too nice and civil, me on the other hand have seen enough of your sort to last five lifetimes. So I'll spell it out in a way even someone of your limited capacities should be able to comprehend:

          My answer to you may not be short enough for your attention span, but the message should be: get bent (hah!).

          Best regards,

          the dog that bites


            WTF..? It's allright dude… Have a nice life…


            Hey folks. I have been a silent reader of this forum for years, but I guess now it's time to speak up a bit. While I believe that everyone is entitled to have their own opinion, I think the way we communicate our disagreements is of great importance. I really don't have that the feeling that doglicksman is interested in having a serious discussion about the greatest band in the world and the way it does/should release its music but would much rather exhibit his supposed mental superiority by insulting forum members and Motorpsycho's new drummer, all of whom he has probably never met. Were he at an MP show, hurling abuse at Tomas Järmyr or members of the audience for allegedly being leeches who just live off government benefits, he would just get thrown out. I don't know about you, but I really don't want to read any more of his insulting and irrational rants. I therefeore believe the moderators should consider blocking the guy.


              true words, Hans.

              Additional to that, he just showed up here some months ago. Nothing at all against new forum members, but, c'mon, what's the matter with you, doglicksman? Why all this assumptions, insults and stuff?

              tl;dr: don't feed the troll.

                I therefeore believe the moderators should consider blocking the guy.

                don't feed the troll

                Second these. No reasoning possible nor necessary with these internet clowns. They live for this.


                Hello everybody. I’m new here too. For me, Spotify represents the all time low regarding music legally available. Any artist not signed up there proves guts, proud, and – most of it all – dignity.

                Regarding the other discussion here, I find doglicksman’s statements highly refreshing. Well done! Straight talk has become rare and unusual since the triumphal procession of political correctness, mainly used in a dictatorial way by the leftwing to discredit and ban people with a different opinion.

                I’m from Germany too and know people like mybestfriend83 very well. They combine their moaning and cant with – some less, some more – aggressive demands, urging for solidarity. While they live their lives on the cost of tax payers (i.e. people who go to work every morning), they mainly laugh and spit on those. So there’s nothing wrong with doglicksman getting emotional, for some maybe over the top in parts.

                @ mybestfriend83: Like for your meanness and anti solidaric attitude regarding music, you should go and ask for reduction on gas, water and cigarettes. Though I’m sure you already got loads of subsidy payment from the community.

                So there’s only one thing left to do for you: Get a job!

                boomer former helm

                  haha nice one. but aggressions are wrong here in my opinion. talking straight does not mean that you can provide wrong facts or allegations. our favourite band here represents hippie music and so it attracts also real hippies with not much money in their pocket. don't forget that. but i also think if you really want to support the band stop supporting the tobacco industry, and go fucking buy their records, man.


                    You could consider stealing the record from your local recordstore. Or is that way to old school?


                      Hehe… Good one harry… lol

                      But i just wanted to say that until the death defying unicorn came out i had almost every record on cd but with the years i lost them or they got scratched so … And ive seen the band at least 20 times live buying shirts and stuff cause back there i had a job… so dont be upset about me…


                      I don't think you have to apologise for anything. Duties always come with opportunities, in this case finacial means. I'd totally download all of MP's releases illegally if I didn't have enough money and later buy everything step by step once I had the funds to do so. Of course it would be cool if you could buy the albums and support the band, since they themselves invested a lot of time and money. But I'm pretty sure that the tough-talking big shots on this forum might also from time to time watch a movie online without paying (gasp!) or listen to a full album on Youtube (dear Jesus!) or download a record without paying a penny (at least initially). By the way, social human rights grant us the right to culture, and as you support the band withing the bounds of your personal possibilities, I don't think you take advantage of that right.


                        Yeah you have an interesting opinion hans… Greetings..

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                      …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994