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      01) Year Zero

      02) Sideway Spiral III ->

      03) The Bomb Proof Roll & Beyond ->

      04) S.T.G -> (Beginning where it usually ends)

      05) Sail On

      06) A Shrug and a Fistful -> (great version with bent encouraging the audience to lend a hand to make the static at the beginning)

      07) Cover Song (One of the setlists said “Eagle´sson, and bent said it was their version of some obscure 60´s song, to be released as a single shortly!)

      08) A Whole lotta Diana (Nice mid jam)

      09) Starhammer -> (Pretty great version with a nice mid. jam plus a noisey ending evolving into….)

      10) W.B.A.T ->

      11) All Is Lonelyness (People singing along plus a very hard mid. jam)

      12) Cornucopia (Great and powerful!!)

      13) The Ozzylot (More singing and dancing)

      14) Greener ( The crowd went wild, and craved for more, but it was not to be!)

      Time: About 1h35min

      All in all a pretty good, but way too short show. Off to bed now, for a 4 hour nap before its time to head back home. More info + pics/videos to come


      Thank you GBD for superfast review :) Looks great, nice surprises in there though quite short indeed… Good to see they’re doing STG again! Three weeks to wait for us here still, gnaaa ;-}


        a new single!


          No Gullible’s Travails? Aww. Probably because of the lack of synths etc..

          Motorpsycho shows are always too short btw :D


            Very good show i.m.h.o.. The band was in a very good mood, and seemed to be happy to be playing again, just the three of them. I was a little surprised by the setlist, alot of old tunes! Funny moment when Bent encouraged the audience to make some “arctic electronica”-static before “a shrug” (“some of you must have been alive back then”).

            I’m actually surprised about the lenght of the concert, didn’t feel that short. I guess it was a good example of “quality before quantity”..

            Too many great moments in there to comment about, the opening, sideway spiral, stg, starhammer, a shrug, loneliness.. and Kenneth. I know, i should probably stop commenting about him, because he is an integrated part of the band now, something that hit me during the opening of STG, but he did actually save this band when he showed up, let’s not forget that.

            The only drawback for me was that Bent had shaved.. I had alot of ZZ Top-jokes going before the show!

            Well, gotta get back to Alta now, last comment:

            Hearing them open this tour with Year Zero gave me shivers down my back, I guess there was some thought behind that.. Sail on!


              The cover song is probably “Eagle’s Son” by The Pretty Things, released under pseudonym as The Electric Banana. They recorded a bunch of stuff in their SF Sorrow era under pseudonym for use in movie soundtracks. It’s a killer song with one of the coolest fuzz sounds ever! Can’t wait to hear a Motorpsycho single version! This is like the golden days – a flurry of releases, and off-the-cuff singles, rarities, etc…


                Great setlist, great news! Thanks! The countdown has begun!


                Great night..i`ve taped the concert but in a crapy format from my mp3player.

                30kbps and 31mb.


                  Sounds awesome, Aubrey!

                  Looking forward to hearing it, dadgad :)


                    Just realized: On 29.04.1990 the band played the first ever Motorpsycho gig! Year Zero indeed! Wow!

                    boomer former helm

                      wow, such a nice selection of songs, and sideway spiral !!! still in the set. it started to be my favourite in the last tour… really looking forward may now.

                      btw: would be great to hear your recording. i do not mind about the quality that much… would be nice to hear from you :wink:




                      and if someone wants to edit the sound to make it sound better just go ahead

                      my acount at piratebay are fucked!!

                      The Other Anders

                        I do not understand how it is possible to cram this awesome setlist into 1h 35min.

                        Hm. Pirat Bay is not accessible from Denmark….


                        need to go to work now. where do people like to have the file uoloaded?


                        dagdad: probably megaupload or rapidshare, plus not spreading the link in public?

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