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    boomer former helm

      hmm, how to get the information? mail? can not find the file on piratebay either.


        Hmm! So now they dropped short pop tunes altogehter! I don’t know if that is to my liking. I have listened to HMF over and over again and I still don’t like the record at all. The noodeling and taking apart of songs just does nothing to me. Well, I wait for the Bremen gig and then I will decied if I go to Hamburg as well.


          Fillmore wrote: Just realized: On 29.04.1990 the band played the first ever Motorpsycho gig! Year Zero indeed! Wow!

          – – –

          So why didn’t they do a cover of Sgt. Pepper?


            Haha, “It was twenty years ago today…” would have been a treat. :P



            the link to piratebay is not working anymore.

            what do you think of rapidshare or megaupload

            …or even dimeadozen ( non profit organisation)

            to share thew concert?

            al the best QUEST


              I second that! The recording contains the only “Eagle’s Son” so far, and could prove a historic gem. :P


                So… the Pirate Bay recording is gone, but I came across this one recently: http://www.torrentreactor.net/torrents/5583920/Motorpsycho-Driv-Tromsø-29-04-2010. Unfortunately, I’ve been stuck at 47,5% – if anyone else here has downloaded it it’d be cool if you could seed it long enough for the rest to have a bite. :)

                The quality IS crappy though, as dadgad indicates.

              Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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