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      first pics fom duna jam.

      posted at facebook by “motorpsycho”

      Diana @ Duna Jam 2010




          Freakin’ awesome! And i wish to add that KK is taking on a godlike figure too these days :)

          What a talent!


          What a wonderful setting to see MP!

          Hope to see some more vids from this one. Bent´s smiling all the way during this one, probably due to the awesome playing by the other two.. and the fresh air!


            …but the vocals suck! ;-) I wonder if the sound at the beach is good at all…?! With no PA (probably just for the vocals) and the wind blowing fom the sea this improvised setting certainly does not provide as much power as a proper concert hall. Judging from the video the setting is also pretty casual with a lot of people leaving and/or arriving during the set, as well as people passing by and of course talking. Maybe a bit anticlimatic after all? Probably a had-to-be-there experience…



              @ Alex: Didn’t think the vocals sucked that much that time. I’ve heard them far worse during this tour. Plus the sound was rather punchy if you ask me.


              Great video, the sunset, the water, everyone all blissed out, nice one!

              Who goes to a show on a beach for perfect sound?! Alex, you are cracking me up this morning :lol:


                …just saying that I realized while watching the video that it might not be as sonically overwhelming as a proper MP show. Of course the great setting might make up for that. I had also very high hopes for a special set — improvised, jammed out, different — but maybe they “just” did a “regular” set…

                boomer former helm

                  hmm, yes that is the point. no setlist to be found, and no reports from people who attended the show, so it is hard to say sth. about that video. watched it 2 times, and really liked the sound and everything, even it was a more improvised setting and a different drumset. it could have been hard for kenneth to play, as you see the stage shaking when he beats the bassdrum and hi hat. but the song is very tight and sounds good to my ear.

                  btw. really looking forward leipzig today, as mentioned thousand times before :wink:


                  Seems like they went right into Hogwash :-)


                    QUITE the had-to-be-there experience!! Sitting in the sand, meditterrean air, enjoying Motorpsycho in full flight with a bunch of people without the concert hall hassle? How can one complain about the sound? And the vocals don’t suck. They never do. This is how they sing now and how they’ll do it forever. It’s emotion and energy.

                    I just wonder about the sand and the fx pedals…. :?


                      people at 2’23” don’t care about “sound quality”. :D


                      …looking forward to leipzig aswell, no matter what songs they choose, right now, the gigs are never “bad” or “dissapointing” at all ;)

                      hi boomer former helm b.t.w., see you later!


                        Okay, okay, okay — you are all right of course! :-) Maybe it is just the crappy video which doesn’t manage to capture the magic of the moment (for me!). Some different angles incl. a view of the crowd and the feet of the musicians would have been nice. It’s just that my first thought when watching the video was “Thank god I didn’t pay 600€ for a ticket to see this!”. I really don’t know what I had fantasized this to be but I guess I would have been rather dissappointed. I guess I was fantasizing — unjustifiedly — about three-hour-monster jams in a sacred atmosphere ;-)


                        so, no setlist whatsoever??

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