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    Coventry Boy, Babylon, Sideway Spiral, Kill Some Day, W4T1

    Stained Glass, Serpentine, Sail On, Hell, Ghost, On a Plate, Magic & Wonder, For Free, Starhamster, Entropy


    Plan #1

    Come on in

    Great King Rat

      577! 8O


        Yeah, finally 577! About time they tried that one with two guitars; I'm guessing it kicked ass :D


          Unfortuneately all Hell broke down on Düsseldorf during the show so no trains were driving after the next hours… Hitzegewitter we call it…


            Many great versions tonight, f.e. HELL felt Roadworthy – guitars on 577 pure bliss, Düsseldorf literally was under a Norwegian Thunderstorm tonight!


              Yeah, it might have happened during HELL that outside all hell broke loose! Took me and my

              buddies one hour to leave the city by car, and – due to the extremely hot weather – I'd

              decided not to go with my own old car (without airconditioning) but by train to a friend's

              place in Essen. BIG MISTAKE! Took me almost nine hours to get back home via taxi (paid by

              german railway). Duesseldorf looked like after a bombing raid! Unbelievable…but Essen and

              other cities on the path of that monster storm didn't look much better…and uh, the trains

              are still not running yet…and won't be today or tomorrow. Crazy situation in a country

              with such a well developed infra-structure. Even some Autobahns are still closed…

              In my 45+ years I've never experienced such a thing. Makes me believe again that mankind

              is just a sandcorn in the eye of the nature.

              On a good note…show was really fine, and the recording sounds as well…


              Bent's report from Düsseldorf http://motorpsycho.no/2014/06/zakk-dusseldorf/


              review from german WAZ


              i have a vision, that they also played "waiting for the one"……

              but i´m not sure. they blast away my mind!


                w4t1 = waiting for the one

                Your mind is fine! ;)



                i´m still impressed of the scenario after the gig!


                i´m still impressed of the scenario and the gig :)

                can´t wait to hear your recording, Spacebandit!


                  The reording is up on DIME since Tuesday evening…

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                …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994