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    This sounds pretty wild, actually. A masterful cornucopia or a sprawling mess? A bit of both, perhaps. I must say that a cross between the Yes of "Starship Trooper" and the Stranglers "Nice n Sleazy" with wild detours into folk, pop and jazz would suit me rather nicely.



      8 sides??? 8O like, one track 45rpm high resolution each, or what? :D


      According to rumors there is two releases. One regular and one sold at the shows. Let's hope they learned from last time and bring enough records this time :lol:


        From Rune Gram's website:

        Look out for two splendid Terje Rypdal tribute albums on 25th August and a spanking new Motorpsycho double studio album a couple of weeks later.

        If we are to take it literally, then the double-album will be out on September 8th.

        Building up excitement now. I wasn't quite won over by the 4 new songs from the

        Trondheim recording in May. But that had more to do with the raw, unpolished performances

        of those songs, I guess.

        Phoots Flower


          2LP + 2ep + HiRes audio download??


          @manbitescat: funny nickname, dawg :roll: What is 'Runir'? Rune gone viking jazz?

          Typical nonsense from our boys, in other words. Special secret limited editions for the people fortunate enough to be close enough to a merch stand, eh. Hipster elitism BS of the lowest form. But how do you know this, pal? And don't they know that their fans want the songs free on Spotify by now anyway? After all they went thru the enormous sacrifice of actually paying to see the gig :lol:

          @otherdemon: sounds good to me. Except for the part about the new songs not being up to scratch of course. I find myself cautiously optimistic about this release but also more than a bit sceptical. The packaging of Begynnelser is very nice and looks very good on my self. But that is where it will stay.


          @doglicksarmpitofhipsters: its a limited edition tape only available to those who are fortunate to blow they're way to the backstage aerea :D Or it might just be me being lazy typing om the phone and not bother to check my spelling.

          About the rumors? A bearded local told me in a secret group on the internett. You should join. Great fun :P


          @mandonotbitedownsohardwhenicum: I see. You are indeed a very special little boy. Is this a trustable beard or is he of the mundane "boasting hipster drinks IPA while talking out of his ass" garden variety? :finger:

          Bcuz many claim to be in the know on ze interwebziez and even more of those guys turn out to be a bunch of liars. Secret group, eh. Do you guys collect Snah's beard droppings and discuss the unbearable lightness of being?

          Best regard,

          ur fren

          Krist Rampage

            So Stickman confirmed on their Facebook that there will be a double lp and Inline Mastering mentions the mastering of 4 ep sides on Instagram. A double lp and two seperate eps? Sound like quite some new meterial. I wonder what's up with the tour only release.


              The EPs might be tour only releases…?


              I would agree with @supernaut on this one. Another tour only and then we'll sell the rest via the webshop after the gigs are done-deal. I quite liked the HBM-ep. In fact I bought both versions. Not because I collect everything they release but rather that the one I got from the merch booth had a rather nasty spilt seam.

              So I will (of course) buy this one as well and just as probably enjoy it.

              Anybody got any thoughts on the music? I suppose someone besides @anotherdemon went to the gig in Trondheim. He wrote that he was disappointed at the time being, but when it comes to MP those things can and will change. I remember being less than enthralled by the gig at the Teknisk Museum but really blow away by the event in Nidarosdommen. On records I find it is the other way around.

              Some specifics on what is going on at least musically in their pointy little heads would be nice.

              Krist Rampage

                That would be nice indeed. I have no idea what to excpect. I have heard the new songs from the Trondheim gig but can't make too much out of it.

                Agree with Supernaut on the tour only eps. Makes sense. Kind of.


                  @doglicksman: I didn't go to the Trondheim gig. I based my opinion

                  of the audience recording that found its way online.

                  I actually think the songs have potential to be great on the album.

                  It's just the live arrangements they were given at the time that

                  made them sound sloppy/underwhelming. But they have plenty of time to work

                  out new satisfactory live versions for the autumn tour.

                  Musically, I don't think they will stray too far away from the trip

                  they've been on lately.


                    I attended the Trondheim gig, and I'm hopeful for the release! It felt like they took a step back to the 90's because of Tomas' approach to drumming reminds me more of Gebhardt. But they've kept the heavy elements from the 2007-2016era. I don't recall each track, but as a whole the new songs felt fresh and creative in a different direction than before, but still MP.


                      So what the record will be named… Is it eight sides mastered … ? Instagramm links dont work…

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                    …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994