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      From stickman:

      Last year, Motorpsycho and Ståle Storløkken played a very special concert in the Trondheim Cathedral. With Ståle on church organ and a choir singing in Norwegian, the band knew that this was a never-to-be-repeated musical experience, so they made sure to film and tape it. This musical documentary will be released as a limited edition (2,000 with the Stickman logo) on double vinyl, CD and DVD, and will include an extensive 24-page LP-sized booklet and some seriously fancy packaging.

      Planned released date is April 17th and it will of course be available for presale shortly beforehand here on the website. This is a special one, so be sure not to miss it!



      And the film(s) will be shown at Kosmorama in Trondheim tonight. The only chance to see it before release, and on a big cinema screen as well!


        Rune Grammofon will also release it as a Limited edition of 2000 handnumbered copies.

        From their web page:

        RLP2170 – Motorpsycho & StÃ¥le Storløkken: En Konsert For Folk Flest (2LP/DVD/CD)

        PRICE: 0,00 NOK


        Last summer Motorpsycho, together with Ståle Storløkken, Kammerkoret Aurum and Sheriffs Of Nothingness performed a one-off special commission work in the mighty Nidarosdomen in their hometown of Trondheim. Luckily, they had the foresight to have it all filmed and recorded, and now we are very proud to be present it on 180g double vinyl, cd and dvd! Documenting an event that most likely will never be repeated, this is a unique album in many ways, one being that all the lyrics, sung by the 24-piece choir, for the first time in the band´s history are in Norwegian. The dvd includes the full concert plus a 65 minute documentary. The packaging is also pretty nifty with its 400g heavy duty cardboard and a 24-page LP-sized booklet. Please note that the Rune Grammofon edition is a one-off and limited to 2000 copies, individually numbered by hand.

        Please don´t ask, as we do not know yet when we will start pre-orders.

        Released 17.04.15


          Nice! Looks like the package will be expensive though, being a double-LP + DVD + CD.

          But the clips I've seen of the performance suggests that this is some epic material :D

          boomer former helm

            wow, can´t wait :MPD:


              The premiere for the new Motorpsycho movie at Kosmorama (International film festival in Trondheim) was a huge success. The documentary is a really interesting – and funny – peek inside the band and the process towards the concert. Everything in English – or subtitled – so, no worry.

              And then the concert. Nobody else on this planet would have been able to pull off something like this. Amazing!


              i do not hope they only played "unicorn"-songs!? :wink:

              but yeah!: motorthedral!


              No Unicorn songs whatsoever; this creation is its own beast…



                Here´s the tracklist:

                1. Stille før stormen

                2. Fragmenter av lys og skygge

                3. Mammonumamikoma

                4. Lykkepilgrim

                5. Imens, ved Bipolarsirkelen

                6. Syv dager på Ekofisk

                7. Kebabels tårn

                8. Flere fragmenter av lys og skygge

                9. Grandiosa

                10. Folket reiser seg

                It will cost 500 kr at platekompaniet.



                Apparently, platekompaniet.no only ships within Norway :(


                  You will probably be better off ordering from Stickman if you are not in Norway.


                    And if you´re in Norway, you will probably be better off ordering directly from Rune. Or for the greater good of man kind, support your local record shop.


                      Big Dipper also has it for 499 NOK

                      I just hope it's not sold out before I get my paycheck next week 8O


                        Still not up for pre-sale on the Rune Grammofon web site

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