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    Punj Lizard

      @ kippenhok Thanks. I've corrected the list.


        Thank you Punj Lizard. I like song listings.

        My remarks are:

        The tour started in Trondheim on September 16th and not on Longyearbyene on September 14th because the latter show was cancelled (due to pilot's strike in Norway).

        Neverland has not been played in September/October. It was only played at the Sziget-Festival (15.08.2017) which is not part of this tour.

        Please exchange "Walking On The Water" with "You Lied". "You Lied" is the common title for the song, "Walking On The Water" was only used on the studio album.

        Please exchange "Up Against The Wall" with "High Time". "High Time" is the common title for the song. Even the band does not use "Up Against The Wall" for this song.

        "Halleluwah" should not be included in this list because it was (probably) only a snippet in "Spin, Spin, Spin". Only full versions should be listed. The band has never played that song in it's entirety.

        "Halleluwah" should not be included in this list because it was (probably) only a snippet in "Spin, Spin, Spin". Only full versions should be listed.

        Then Go To California shouldn't be included as well? Think they most likely only played a snippet.


        I recall Go to California being more or less the short 3 min version when it's sandwiched in Cornucopia.

        Punj Lizard

          @Juergen Thanks. I've made some edits based on your comments.

          @crosskip / @kippenhok I've left Go to California on the list for now. If they played 'the short 3 min version', then that seems worth keeping on the list.


            @Juergen, Neverland was also played at 2 Days Prog + 1 festival in Italy early September :)



              Apparenzly, in a good mood :lol: :MPD:


                hard to deal with dayoffs :lol:


                Hi Punj Lizard,

                you could add at least Greener and Mountain


                  And I added "Sleepwalking" in my list because Bent played it with his bass as a introduction of "Lacuna/Sunrise".

                  Punj Lizard

                    Here's what I believe is a full list of songs played on this fall 2017 tour (starting 16 September at Trondheim), as far as I have been able to ascertain. This list might, of course, contain one or two errors or oversights. The count is 53. Juergen or others with greater knowledge, please feel free to correct me.

                    1 A Pacific Sonata

                    2 A.S.F.E.

                    3 August

                    4 Bartok of the Universe

                    5 Cloudwalker

                    6 Coalmine Pony

                    7 Cornucopia

                    8 Critical Mass

                    9 Entropy

                    10 Feel

                    11 Flick of the Wrist

                    12 Fool's Gold

                    13 Ghost

                    14 Go to California

                    15 Greener

                    16 Halleluwa [excerpt in Spin, Spin, Spin]

                    17 Heartattack Mac

                    18 Hell parts 1-3

                    19 Here Be Monsters

                    20 Hey, Jane

                    21 High Time [i.e. Up 'Gainst the Wall]

                    22 I.M.S.

                    23 In Every Dream Home

                    24 In Our Tree

                    25 Into the Sun

                    26 Intrepid Explorer

                    27 Kill Some Day

                    28 Lacuna/Sunrise

                    29 Manmower

                    30 Mountain

                    31 No Evil

                    32 Pill, Powders, and Passion Plays

                    33 Plan #1

                    34 Riding the Tiger

                    35 Sleepwalking

                    36 Ship of Fools

                    37 Spin, Spin, Spin

                    38 Stained Glass

                    39 Starmelt, Lovelight

                    40 Superstooge

                    41 Taifun

                    42 The Alchemyst

                    43 The Cuckoo

                    44 The Golden Core

                    45 The Tower

                    46 Theme de Yoyo

                    47 Un Chien D'espace

                    48 Upstairs – Downstairs

                    49 Vortex Surfer

                    50 Watersound

                    51 The Wheel

                    52 Year Zero

                    53 You Lied [i.e. Walking on the Water]

                    I hope some of you find this interesting or handy.


                    I have 52: On a Plate haven't been played starting 16th of september, though it's been played in all the 5 previous 2017 concerts!


                      @ Punj Lizard

                      You're missing "Ghost", played in Trezzo.


                      I didn't count Sleepwalking either…

                      Punj Lizard

                        @ BronYAur – Thanks! List edited as per your comments (I have retained Sleepwalking as per Juergen's earlier comment)

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