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    What was yr fav fall 2017 show? This only makes sense if one attended at least two shows. I'm not able to create a diagram, but i would count. I begin:

    Schlachthof, Bremen, 22.10.2017

    (I attended Hamburg, Bremen & Hannover)

    28 Members answered the question so far, some made a hard decision, others couldn't, so I count all their suggestions.

    The score so far:

    1. Bremen 11

    2. Cologne 5

    3. Berlin 4

    4. Tilburg,



    Hamburg 2

    8. Brussels,

    St. Niklaas,


    Hannover 1

    Punj Lizard

      Cologne 08.11.17. I attended London and Cologne.


        Brussels 29.10.17. Also attended St Niklaas 26.10.17.

        Great King Rat

          Bremen (saw Hambug, Bremen, Hannover)


            Botanique, Brussels 29-10-17

            I also was at De Casino, St-Niklaas 26-10-17

            It's a bit hard to say, both competely different shows.

            If I have to choose one – i will choose the show in De Casino. Only because op Manmower, PPPP and Taifun !

            Nethertheless, EPIC show in Brussels!


              Difficult to choose as I attended Oslo and London. Oslo was as a trio and a sit down gig. London was as a quartet and a short (only about 2 hours) gig.


              Schlachthof, Bremen, 22-10-2017

              Attended Papenburg, Bremen and Cologne


              Bremen, but Cologne was mindblowing too.

              Saw them also in Hamburg, Frankfurt & Hannover.



                Attended Haugesund, Stavanger, Hamburg, Papenburg and Bremen


                  Bremen, Biel second by a hair

                  Attended Hamburg, Papenburg, Bremen & Biel


                  I've attended only two shows, Parma and Trezzo, Italy.

                  Trezzo had the BEST SOUND EVER that I can remember from a Motorpsycho show, while Parma sound was terrible. Not the setlist of my life, but a majestic K9. TREZZO wins.

                  schnu underberg

                    Cologne!!! over 3 h…

                    see also Berlin and Hannover

                    Hanover last song: Vortex Sufer!!!


                      That would be BERLIN 10.11. because it had the best jams of my sample (Hamburg, Papenburg, Leipzig, Berlin, Hannover).

                      The Other Anders

                        Berlin was perfect in every way, one for my all time best list. Saw Copenhagen and Hannover too.


                          For me that would have to be two Shows:

                          BREMEN Schlachthof 22.10.2017 – the "Permanent Spacefest" I always dreamt to have – like "heroin injected by sound".

                          KÖLN, Stollwerck 08.11.2017 – 3 hours of "best mp for all senses" – positive drama, so intense, hard to come down.

                          I second that VORTEX closing the tour in Hannover was extraordinary. This formation of mp sucked me in tremendously with this tour. (Attendet Hamburg, Papenburg, Bremen, Köln, Berlin, Hannover)

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