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    I've had a practice, for years, of giving an MP song a five-star rating the first time it hits me as a live recording. Later on, after hearing other versions, I might drift back to that first five-star version, like this is the zenith for that tune, and is it still? It is always interesting to hear how the initial ratings play out.

    Bear in mind. I have only listened to live versions of MP tunes. I have heard no album versions of any song. I'm that weird American guy that only ever listened to Hawkwind and Monster Magnet from 1975 to yesterday with young boys and has no discretionary income except for Hawkwind records on RSD.

    Anywho, I'm listening to 'Stained Glass' from 2014-06-09 in Dusseldorf, and it's hitting me still as maybe five stars in my universe.

    I would be interested to know if anyone else has a five-star live version of an MP tune?

    Peace to all in these troubled times.


      The Other Other Fool, K9 Suite, The Wheel and Vortex Surfer from Roadwork 1 are pretty close ;)


        Back To Source, Kristiansand 1996-07-05. Actually, it’s the only live version I’ve heard, but imho i kicks the shit out of the studio version released in 1997.


        Ocean in Her Eye from Reutlingen, GER 1998/05/22

        The massive grind of Snah's Hiwatt/Orange/Space-Echo setup is breathtaking and the definitive version of this song.


          Hell I-VII at Zakk, Düsseldorf 09.06.2014

          Close Your Eyes – played as an encore at the Unicorn gig in Cologne, Stollwerck 17.04.2012. Starting very, very calm and building slowly up, yet very intensive – what a relief after the somewhat tiring Unicorn stuff (not the best sound, no stops between songs, 1h full-on Motorpsychedelic torture).


            It's interesting that the 2014 Düsseldorf show has been mentioned.

            Because that show contains a live version of Ghost that IMO is quite

            superior to the original on Behind The Sun. Added energy, double mellotron attack + some powerful

            Snah soloing is always a winner in my book :D


            It's interesting how you mention a Unicorn show. I had a similar experience with Gullable's at the Utrecht Unicorn show. Also somewhat tiring, and also not the best sound.

            The Unicorn only made sense to me after the Oslo Opera experience.


              Hogwash – Folken – Stavanger 1998


                STG & Hogwash on RW III. That STG ending 8O

                Chien RW V.

                Any live version of Heartattack Mac.


                For me, that must be K9 from Bremen, 10/22/2017

                So psychedelic!


                These replies are all great. I love it!

                K9 is probably the most interesting MP song for me. The Bremen show from 2017-10-22 is one of five versions that currently have five stars in my collection. How can you pick one? I can not!


                What are the other 5star K9?

                One of mine would be Trondheim 22/10/2006.


                There’s plenty of amazing K9 versions through the years, Trondheim 2006 is definitely one of them (and rather different from any other ones). I still think the definitive version is the RW 1 version, or any of the other ones from the same time (end of spring 98 tour).

                I had a bunch of live recordings on my (just now-deceased. R.I.P. 2005 iPod 60GB. You had a long good run). One day The Wheel from Bergen 1998/10/10 came up and I was shocked how good it was. 5 stars right there.



                  Nov. 28th 2011 Oslo Domkirke "Orgelfest"



                  Berlin 2013-04-28 K9

                  Still love It! 5 *****

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