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    Vegard B. Havdal

      Clip from the recording of the new album by “Defender”, apparently a pre-Motorpsycho trash metal Geb-band, sounds very cool. Out soon on 10″ from what I hear.

      boomer former helm

        wow, great, i like it very much they seem to have a real good fun!! nice to see geb being very happy with his new creative space…


          Might as well post this here as well:

          Geb interview


            “Lowlance” :o


              wow, very cool.

              sounds a bit hgh goes captain beefheart to me.

              please keep us non norwegian where it is to get, when it’s out. :D


                “Vært borti nÃ¥n merkelige fans?

                – Ja. Motorpsycho har bare merkelige fans.”

                Have you encountered any strange fans?

                – Yes. Motorpsycho only has strange fans.


                  could you translate the rest too, please? :wink:


                    — edit


                      nice clip btw. hakon clownhardt. :mrgreen:


                        ah nice. where will it be released?


                        Google translation from the Geb interview (have not done any corrections):

                        HÃ¥kon Gebhardt is most known as the ex-drummer in Motorpsycho. Lately, he has built their own studio in Dora (Das Boot). Rock rebel has gone from being a hard hitting drummer to the manufacturer for softer artists in their old age.

                        Gebhardt has since he put the sandwich in the neck Motorpsycho fans, worked with Bettan, Åge Andersen Alexander, Ida Jenshus and Darren Hayes. Kåntri was something he hated growing up, but today it is exactly the sentimental and the banal with kåntrien he likes.

                        I met the cyclists reuse king on Berry & Bar at Solsiden.

                        What instrument is it that you like best?

                        I’m in love with my banjo. I’ll be in as good humor of it. I guess multi-instrumentalist, but I’m best known as the drummer. People are often disappointed when they ask me about the drum thing. Did not start playing drums until I was 18, so I can not really say much about it. I am not a technically skilled drummer. It is really guitar I’m in basic soul. I speak no instrument well enough to be a teacher at the conservatory. It is very fun with people who are technically good, but music is not about that. For me, music is a need to express themselves. Many of my favorite discs are made by people who can barely play.

                        Do you have a favorite musician, then?

                        Guitarists are more interesting than the drummers. But I remember that I liked Diesel Dahl (Morten Dahl, TNT) very well. The reason for this was that he got up on the bass drum and showed my ass to the public. Then I thought that he might be the best since he did something like that. But guitarists and especially Marc Ribbot (playing Tom Waits) with his naivistiska style attracts me a lot.

                        Best concert memory, both as audience and where you playing?

                        As an audience, it must be under Lowlancefestivalen in the Netherlands in 1995. It was the band Pavement. They had a big hit before they arrived. But I was not entirely convinced. But what they were going, I was blown backward. It was wicked good. A soul-breaking experience. Maybe they were the Dutch substansan. But they were rølpat and tight. They replaced the instrument internally and the whole thing was absolutely magical.

                        When I played even have to be on the Italian tour with MP in 1999. We were in Pisa, when his wife called and awnings that the house was burned down. Our landlord was dead. Everything was gone. The question was whether we should continue the tour. After much back and forth, we decided to just go for it. We lit candles on stage for the deceased. We had no setlist. We jammed for three and a half hours. The concert was bigger than God. I am not a Christian but was raised that there was a god. No one knew what was happening on stage that night. The meaning of life was to continue the tour.

                        Encountered naan weird fans?

                        Yes. MP has just curious fans.

                        It was a 15-20 pieces that followed us everywhere. We became good friends with them. But it was a special lady there. It was called the witch. She worked with Taxidermy of animals. And when I heard it went up for me. It was really a screw. I never got hold of it. I imagine that when you stop the animals as you get formalin intoxication gradually and becomes smårar.

                        We also Sebastiano Barini (father seb). He has driven around Europe many many times. He is now spiritual leader of HGH. He had driven all the way from Italy to follow us rundtom here in Norway. He did not Trondheim Concert for he stood in Oppdal. In Halden at the last concert that he gave us an entire pizza from backstage. He had to have food.

                        I heard later that he drove from Norway to Italy with pizza without eating it. When he came to Italy, he said to his friends, “MP gift me this.” He was a pizza baker himself and must have perceived it as an insult to a Norwegian pizza from us.

                        Have you seen the MP after you left?

                        In the beginning was a little too close. I was afraid that hundreds of students to see me on the society and ask how it was to see them. But I saw a children’s concert at Rosendal. It was fun. Bent and Snah had to talk between songs and they are not used to, usually. It was a very personal and pleasant live experience.

                        I have seen them on drums and Kapstad. He is clever, but it is different now than it was when I was with. I like songs that lasts two minutes max, so I’m struggling a bit with the long space (far out)-the songs of well over 15 minutes.

                        Light Este experience?

                        Cardigans called the MP office. He should congratulate ourselves with Let Them Eat Cake Plate. I thought it was lysmannen the crew that called you. I made fun of EidsvÃ¥g, when I responded by talking to him. Suddenly, well out into the conversation, I think: “Æ fan set me to talk to, he sucks Bergen dialect”

                        I had rowed it ashore later and asked him for forgiveness.

                        Favorite Band / disc?

                        Residents / Let love rule with Lenny Kravitz.

                        Which ten years you’d lived in and why?

                        lived 2070-2080. Is curious about the future.

                        What provoked you?


                        Best / worst quality?

                        engagement / is disorganized.

                        Favorite Website and favorite TV show?

               / news and debate. Digger Harald Eias brainwashing.

                        Who do you admire?

                        People who move to Brazil and help street children.

                        What is the meaning of life?

                        The job

                        Famous last words?

                        Per ardua ad astra – with adversity to the stars. Has followed me all my life as an important slogan.


                        Vegard B. Havdal
                          Vegard B. Havdal

                            Btw, it wasn’t Cardigans that called but Bjørn EidsvÃ¥g, Google has an issue going with recognized names in that service…


                              Interesting and very very touching point of notice:

                              (translated by a human!)

                              Best concert memory playing myself must have been on tour in Italy with Motorpsycho in 1999. We were in Pisa when my wife phoned me and told me that our house had burned down. The landlord was dead. Everything was gone. The question became whether to continue the tour. After a lot of back and forth we decided to just go on. We lit a candle on stage for the deceased. We had no setlist. We jammed for 3 1/2 hours. That concert was larger than god. I’m not a christian, but I was raised to think there is a god. No one understood what happened onstage that night. The meaning of life was to continue the tour.


                              The Defender-EP “Avalanche pour l´amour” (2010) is available on 10″ vinyl (and digitally) on August 30th, but if you´re interested, it can be pre-ordered at :)

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