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    Interesting interview with Bent from Autona here.

    He talks a bit about the differences between the last record and the upcoming one, about being an independent band and other topics, and offers some crass comments about Gebhardt and his final time in the band. Taken out of context:

    -in the 2 years he’s played with Kenneth, he’s learned more than 14 years playing with Geb

    -musically, Kenneth is much more curious than Geb

    -after Let Them Eat Cake, MP ceased being a real band and waiting for Geb to finally leave was “a slow death”.


      Thanks for the link! Unfortunately the interview is too long for a translation. There are more interesting news:

      – Motorpsycho plan only short tours in the future (no longer than three weeks) because of their families (Bent has a three year old son).

      – Motorpsycho recorded every show on this tour on 24 tracks! They don’t plan a Roadwork release. They consider putting the recordings on a server for a download but they haven’t decided yet.

      – Bent doubts that there is only one person interested in listening to all the shows at home. I can tell you: HE’S WRONG!


      Hehe, you’re indeed the man to deserve this “burden” ;-)


      In case we don’t get another RW, the archive-solution would be just wonderful!

      Top 3 wanted 2008

      Bremen ’08

      Vienna ’08 (US psychonaut)

      Rotterdam ’08

      Chronologically backwards

      Autumn 2009 (COTF, 20 ys)

      Autumn 2008 (LLM 2nd leg)

      Spring 2008 (LLM 1st leg)

      …well, one might have reasons to dream :MPD:

      -in the 2 years he’s played with Kenneth, he’s learned more than 14 years playing with Geb

      -musically, Kenneth is much more curious than Geb

      -after Let Them Eat Cake, MP ceased being a real band and waiting for Geb to finally leave was “a slow death”.

      That´s pretty hard going for Geb, I wonder if there´s any hard feelings between them. Hope not.

      But for Motorpsycho today, Kenneth is the man to keep, no doubt. Takes them up to another level, definately.

      Motorpsycho plan only short tours in the future (no longer than three weeks) because of their families (Bent has a three year old son).

      Exactly what they said during the Store Studio-interview on NRK a few weeks back. The old days of touring months after months are gone, obviously.

      Otherwise, I can´t imagine Motorpsycho coming up with a server for downloading live-recordings, when they don´t even have an official webpage yet. That said, why should they need one, when this one is up ;)


        So they just waited for Geb to leave?? I didn’t expect them to be cowards.

        Geb was always the nicest of the three of them.


        yeah, a little uncool what bent does there… whatever kenneth is for the band now, geb contributed to the whole mp sound and indeed was a good drummer.



          you know: i thought they were friends. so they aren’t anymore?


            Here’s a crack at it ->


            The kings of the “ungekrönten Indierocks” (whatever that means) were in Cologne – autona was! A breathtaking concert and Interview later is still sticking to it: you have never been as good as now…. Some hours before the concert we had the opportunity a detailed discussion with Bent Sæther, Bassist/singer and band founders of the two. Bents longtime companion Snah (g, voc) and two years Drummer Kenneth Kapstad are Motorpsycho – one Band over 20 years reliable ignored every expectation, their Fans and himself again and again’s new demands and surprised and with each Album a new musical Facette occur. There is little Bands under the sun, so and their music life as Motorpsycho. A Band that it can, over two decades will never be bored and every evening on the stage a different Set to play, must be something special. The great Cornucopia called Motorpsycho – it feels will never be empty, and the protagonists of the rather unique Indie-career are still a long, with the Band the temporal bless. Their sometimes hyperproduktiven activities do not rest – The next, according to first Prelistening-impressions again great, ausschweifende Album “Heavy Metal Fruit” (sic!) appears, only a half a year after “Child Of The Future,” already in January! The Interview received us Bent a few hours before the Gig backstage in building 9 in Cologne. The fact that the Band instead in the past regularly in the Live Music Hall now in much smaller building 9 plays, which naturally ratzfatz sold out was, it seems Bent not to disturb – finally play you always there, where they hingebucht, and so far, it’s always ok. That this Tour as “20 year Jubiläumstour” announced it is also relatively no matter – it would take remains the soul of the body, regardless of what play the posters announce. So it’s also no special guests or Geburtstagsüberraschungen, would not fit to Motorpsycho…. Only one thing is clear: “We can every evening from 60 song/70. And every evening will be different. We try as much of our history as we can.”

            So this whole Jubiläumsgeschichte 20 years Motorpsycho – no special meaning for you?

            Bent: Nee – it’s always the next Tour or the next plate. We use our history only as a springboard for new appearances and improvisations. How can we still old Songs add something important?

            Ye are pretty busy at the moment. Next may will be the next Tour advertising (in Cologne on 05.28.10 in Gloria). You will be traveling zwischendurch in Norway with Supersilent…

            Bent: Yes, it is a music-event a state organization there. It is up to us rangetreten, and we have not said no. We will be even for’s samples paid, but clearly, this is because pledged. But we may also Supersilent very much. The speeches never about music, and they rehearse never! They come instead about free Improvisation, while we always of a certain key her improvisation is somewhat more structured. But otherwise gifts we in fact very many similarities with Supersilent.

            It brings relatively quickly after “Child Of The Future” the new Album out. How did’s actually do?

            Bent: Well, the last Album was already been 2008 recorded with Albini. We actually intended in January this year the pictures in Norway quit, but then the producer ill, we should wait until May. So we just the Album until April even completed, and then there’s still some delays and it was only in August side. Well, rather than a large plate in January, we have come to a halt two from it.

            “Heavy Metal Fruit” sounds but after the first impression quite differently than “Child Of The Future” to!

            Bent: Yes of course, you can have no Albini epic 20-minutes-song. This is not possible. The new Songs needed another Heransgehensweise than the Albini Sessions. The fact is that the Songs at the end of which always influenced by, during the recording the present.

            [ The new Longplayer “Heavy Metal Fruit” was not long collaborator Helge Sten produces. Bent tells of new producer, which has already KÃ¥re Vestrheim wit Hanne Hukkelberg or the Jazz-Metal-Fusionisten Shining worked, but many Mainstreamsachen. The cooperation proved for the Band very fruitful. Many music he could come up with ideas, i.e. melodies or particular chord progressions. Because he himself Piano playing, he brought a great sensitivity for their music. Overall, Bent, he had a big influence on the Sound. ]

            You can even Kenneth’ impact on your music?

            Bent: I have in the two years, he is with us learned more than in 14 years with Gebhardt (Anm. : former Drummer). I had my Instrument to a new type learning. He is musically much more interested than Gebhardt, thus, the focus of the Songwritings amended. He is on the one hand a Metal-type, so we are a little hard-rockiger. It is also a Jazzer so that we can play something dissolved. With Deathprod or Helge Sten then we have to those people suitable Songs, and it is again be different. We have tried something like “intelligent dumb ass metal” to write. (General laughter). So, how can you an Iron Maiden reef play without embarrassment or as stupid-Rip-off rüberzukommen. Maiden Riffs are obviously brilliant in its crude nature. So we tried here and there drop or add a measure, and out came “unpleasant heavy rock” (Bent counts us measures before the staggered…)

            It’s a pretty hard to HEADBANGING…

            Bent (laughs) Yeah, by this Offbeat – it’s just unpleasant metal! Moreover, there’s on the new Disk 1. Song “Starhammer”. 13 minutes long, the half is Improvisation. So we have a mixture of this Unpleasant Dumb Ass Metal and many improvisations.

            There are some Fans, who just keep your Songs, which plays when. On your current Tour, you have discovered that her of each plate a two Songs played the game. This was a Plan by you or just a coincidence?

            Bent: We ask ourselves before every Tour, which Songs we from the Backkatalog play. We have always some Songs from each Album, which we as a springboard to you again to explore. Meanwhile, we have a “Motherlist” of Songs, some 65, from which we every evening a location.

            The whole lead is still an issue of “Roadwork”?

            Bent: Roadwork has always been a fairly loose Form of Live recordings. There has been 2 albums and a DVD. It should not be a “Roadwork every Tour” appear. Rather like the Dick’s Picks of the Grateful Dead, almost as documentation. so even now have something hovers for this Tour. We therefore take on this Tour get all the Shows on 24 track, if the conditions allow. Well, then we know is still not exactly as we approach to the later. Nobody wants to do it again, all the Shows when he durchzuhören completely at home again… is perhaps there is the Option, all Shows of the Tour on a Server to offer. Or we hear anything by, and are looking for us the best songs of all out. I don’t know if I decide, for our versions are always so different in any case – difficult to hear everything and decide. Let’s see how we’s.

            On a youtube courses from 1998 Video here in Cologne from Viva was then a Motorpsycho Special did. And to do you speak pretty good English. Norwegian and English are also relatively equal…

            Bent: yes, yes, we had at that time German at school learning. Today it is also still so. As 2. Foreign language after English – in most schools, you can choose between German and French. Most select English. I had always been a very good ear for languages and, if you go in Germany is much like we get quite a lot. So I can talk about, if I have… But when i really good response is just too limited.

            Bent, your beard is slowly and you’re gray, now also become 40 – have you ever impulses a Midlife Crisis, do you think sometimes how may even live in your looks 10 years?

            Bent: Oh, I went there’s never been as good as today! This is the best Band, which I’ve ever played, the versatility, energy, the targeting and Inspiration. And off the Band I still my son 3jährigen…

            Then you’re but always very long way from him, if you’re tourst?

            Bent: we always try short tours, no more than three weeks Tour, then again at least two weeks at home. I can a good father, as one might expect. So everything seems really good to run, and it was me has never been better. A few years ago gave a rather dark stage, when no longer as Gebhardt was interested in something else and it wanted. Waiting that left the Band he finally, it was definitely hard. A slow death… then we weren’t real volume more and pretty lifeless. After “Let Them Eat Cake” was but he does. And when he way, it was for us as a new beginning. Now with Kenneth is the Band totally exciting and relaxatuion.

            It of you and Motorpsycho many albums and tours in the coming years?

            Bent: Oh, yes, I cannot imagine what would otherwise i. This is the best Job I ever had. As long as it financially runs, we will continue. Do you know, we must 6 Crew-members pay, and although it so that they are good that can live with. But as long as many people come to us, to see, we will certainly continue.

            You are in its best sense “independent”. Most of the Bands must satisfy expectations you have a Label, or their Fans expect something….

            Bent: for us it’s really about what Snah and I like to do. As long as we focus on these Hardcore-music, it will just be a question. And what we each evening on the stage it is true and genuine. I really don’t know what I in the next moment will play. Ah, Snah fuck you play, then I play the… It happens every evening… actually it is like a Jazz Concert. That was precisely but in a Rock context, this is our little niche that we have achieved.

            I can do not believe that it is now almost 20 years are….

            Bent: I don’t (laughs).

            Did you do appeared so far of any Motorpsycho recording a copy in the house?

            Bent: Yes, I believe it. So the reason why we achieved all this is that we can really focus on music.

            Ok, Bent, thanks for the conversation, and have fun after the Gig!


            Interesting interview. Two things:

            1. “cowards”, “pretty uncool” [towards Geb] – not a bit harsh on Bent here? In my interpretation he is only stating the obvious: Ken is one helluwa drummer, better than Geb; he [Bent] has developed a lot as a bassplayer after starting playing with Ken; MP was really in a dead end musically after LTEC, and it took both Geb and MP a long time to figure out how to take it further. What should they have done: Kicked Geb out? Or kept going down that road? With IALC in mind: No thank you!

            2. If I understand the interview right Bent says no one will take on the task of listening through 24 shows to figure out suitable tracks or shows for a RW. Shall we do the impossible task of giving him a helping hand? A poll or something which realistically singles out tracks for a) the one disc RW4 that best captures the tour (tracks/concert/running order); b) the two disc version; and c) the one complete concert. Remember that Bent does not necessarily care much about being loyal to the actual running order etc.

            I haven’t had time to listen to all the recordings yet (and could sadly not attend), but my one would nevertheless have at least Cornucopia, Diana, Loneliness, Wishing well, Alchymist, Ocean in her eye I think, Sungravy maybe, oh God this is impossible. (Admittedly quite anal this…)


            I have no insight into this band and and their feelings and I don’t know what happened during the time from LTEC on.

            But from my view I wouldn’t say Geb is worse than Kenneth as a musician or drummer.

            And it’s not needed to express anything bad or good about a friend (still is or was) in an official interview.

            But who cares anyway, it’s not really important, it’s all about the music! And I hope for Geb to make his way further on musically, he was a the “carrier of sympathy” for the band back then in my opinion. :)

            Vegard B. Havdal

              Kjell Runar pwns the both of them! ;-)


              It may sound harsh against Geb, but we haven’t been in the band to judge the situation – and it’s a matter of fact that Kenneth is the best musician motorpsycho has ever seen.

              It is nice to see how much mp “found” themselves now on a high musical level and are open for conversations before and after the gigs – no doubt though I wish Geb all the best for his ongoing life, he’s a very kind man!


                i like the energy of kenneth, but i wouldn’t say he is the better drummer. geb did also pull off weird fills and complex stuff – he simply didn’t do it all the time. he always played exactly what served the songs best. i still prefer his style – it has an incredible mix of both lightness and power to it.

                but of course, the new constellation also changed the structure of the songs. mp-songs have always been complex in a way. i would say that, back then, this complexity was achieved by putting together rather simple/traditional riffs/melodies, making them a unique, mindblowing entity. the reason why i am having some difficulties getting into a good share of the recent output is that they (imo) overdo weird time signatures and stuff, on account of their biggest asset – patiently building up suspense.

                still, i like that they are trying to reinvent themselves and find a new sound, just as unique. Given the studio time, i assume that “HMF” will be the first real representation of who they are right now and i am looking forward to it.

                two cents!


                  I don’t think that kenneth is the better drummer.

                  his style is different to geb’s style, off course.

                  to this day I like geb’s style more, it was much more differentiating,

                  during kenneth play most of the times very fast, hard with a lot of energy .

                  like this too, sure but I loved this playful drumming from geb more.

                  maybe the reason is that my first real musiclove was the german krautrock band grobschnitt and their drummer played a little bit like geb.

                  for me bent’s words were a bit harsh against geb, but I was never in the band and can not say what happened between them.

                  otherwise I have to say that I love the “pop phase” .

                  love ltec and the totally underrated ialc ( a lot of great songs here like circles,

                  carousel, this otherness and the mirror and the lie…).

                  and specially the 2002 tour (spring & autumn) was just amazing.

                  and this wouldn’t never happen without geb.

                  this phase is one reason why motorpsycho is so recognized.

                  I read a review at the german rolling stone and they were very impressed that motorpsycho can do anything very good.

                  and it’s a matter of fact that Kenneth is the best musician motorpsycho has ever seen.

                  do you really think so?

                  better as a musician at least as bent and snah?

                  for me not, both are pretty good on their main instruments and they also play a lot of others very good and they wrote a lot of fantastic tunes.

                  but motorpsycho has seen other great musicians so for me it’s impossible to say

                  who is the best. but you are right, I think , he is another great musician in the motorpsycho world.

                  my two cents. :-)

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