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    The Other Anders


      -> starhammer

      -> riding the tiger

      plan #1

      arne h




      a light in the black

      sinful, wind-borne

      ->like always

      ->a shrug and a fistful



      -> greener


      Total time: 2h 35mins.


      Well, this was different from last show in Köln, much more FUN songs going on, I thought, but still great long jam going on while Mountain and some others. Rainbow cover reminds me good ol’ heavy metal kids days, I was just like…kept head banging…aaaahhhhh! Good, good, very nice one. Really enjoyable show. Love that one, too. Whata great tour this time. I’m sooo happy to join this time, everything was SUPER! MP flys us! yeah!

      The Other Anders

        Wbat was on the setlist between Manmower and Diana, but I cannot remember they played it, and I had no wbat in my notes after the concert, so I have left it out of the setlist here, but someone please correct me if I am wrong.

        Mountain clocked in at 15 mins this time…

        As Akane has already discovered, they played a Rainbow song in rememberence of the late Dio. They ripped through all eight glorious minutes of this fantastic epic, leaving no detail out. A big, probably once in a lifetime, moment – to have Motorpsycho play a song off Rainbow Rising! Needless to say, Kenneth nailed the powerfull drums of this track. Can’t help but to think/notice how Cozy Powel must be one of Kenneth’s heros/influences.

        I am really sad and sorry to leave the tour for now. With the rock show they played last night in mind, I am sure Brussels will be as psychodlic and spaced out as it always seems to be. It fits in perfectly: Rock show the night before, sixth show in a row before a day off, the AB being a great venue, the respectful and consentrated Brussels audience: I can’t but imagine that the Motors will kick back and space out.

        It is going to be more exciting than ever to follow the development of setlists. We know they have got 101 rehearsed songs plus a handful of covers, and we know now that they break out a couple of new ones every single night. I am also excited to learn how Duna Jam will inspire and influence the last shows of the tour.

        So see some of you in Leipzig!


          Yes, this is an amazing tour! See you in Leipzig!


          Good show last night, first 75 minutes spaced out and then hot rockers – I was still worn out by Cologne which I enjoyed veeeery much, so I was not totally in it last night. Plus knowing how “majestically spaced out” it will be tonight in Brussels it’s hard to come down now… but what great shows that have been on this tour!! Personal favourites:

          View in Amsterdam, 1st Mountain (plus whole show) in Eindhoven, Bremen (as usual!) and Cologne (Gloria is the new Schlachthof?!).

          Good to meet Psychonauts again in Leizig (Hamburg), love this way of touring with you and the band :-)))


            A Light In the Black!?!? Oh I nearly went there by train but the 200euros bugged me. Dammit, I guess it would’ve been worth it. Any recording done?


              Who sang it?

              I see a room full of psychonauts going

              rock2-1.gif :)


              Bent and Snah shared the vocals of the Rainbow-song. And your vision is right, many “manu cornutos” during that one, including Bent. What a great song! I didn’t know it at all, but I’m gonna get it qucikly.

              After the very plush Gloria at Cologne (great venue, btw!!), the location at Heidelberg was totally different. While Gloria is situated in a very posh shopping area in downtown Cologne, Halle 02 was a strictly non-glamour super-tiny former cargo hall near the train station, with a a very shabby bordel only 50m away. But Halle 02 is great! I guess maximum capacity of about 350-400. Unfortunately, a bit too much talking during the quiet passages. But in general, vibe and atmosphere of the crowd were nice.

              The sound was crystal clear, at least at the beginning. It seems they get louder during the gigs, which I don’t really understand why. Anyway, great concert again. The jam during Manmower drifted away very much from the original song, and Bent remarked aferwards “Huh, this almost became something else” – indeed it sounded very much like Starhammer :) The jamming was fantastic. I especially enjoyed The Alchemist, brilliant version on this tour. I think the beginning of the show had a real strong metal/Sabbath-vibe, but it became more spacy and mellow later.

              The changes compared to Cologne in the setlist made me really happy – A Shrug and A Fistful was just perfect, Like Always too. A bit too much CotF for my taste, but the Blissard-tracks made more than up for that. And GT is another classic! I’m really glad to get that one twice in a row as last encore :)

              The singing was very good, probably the best I’ve heard from them! (but it was only my 6th concert).

              Well, after these two concerts I’m seriously considering going to Hamburg and/or Leipzig…


              @anders: you’re absolutely right, they didn’t play WBAT, regretfully! thanks for the setlist!


                Setlist from Kenneth:


                Part of Gullible:


                Yesterday was really great, my first Motorpsycho concert and surely not the last one. Unfortunately I didn’t like the sound, quite mushy.

                The jam during Manmower drifted away very much from the original song, and Bent remarked aferwards “Huh, this almost became something else” – indeed it sounded very much like Starhammer

                Bent jammed the wheel starting riff during that one. Too sad it didn’t become that “something else”…


                  Here is a review.


                  This was a great show, the Rainbow cover was really heavy and fast! Starhammer was huge and Snah did a great job during the Diana jam, he almost killed his right arm doing freaky rhythmic patterns but 100% precise! Gullible was very nice, the quiet middle part was done with only guitar and bass but sounded beautiful.

                  There’s one complaint, the singing was pretty much out of tune and not energetic until Diana. Don’t know but then from this point on it was really good. They should’ve nailed it from the beginning! The sound was clear, a little too less bass from where I stood. And Kenneths new drums look really psycho!

                  Looking forward to Duna Jam!!


                    Two different sources from Heidelberg are available on Dime now:

                    Rec 1+2 matrix: http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=305850

                    Rec 3: http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=306437

                    All reports say the 1+2 matrix sounds better. While it is definitely a little bit clearer sounding, I really like the bassier sound from rec 3 when I listen in headphones – it just sounds a lot more massive.

                    boomer former helm

                      wow, what a great show that was. freaked me out completely. even it was less spaced out and more of a rockshow. it was a magic moment with the rainbow cover, it was so completely different from the rest and very very heavy rock, simply great.

                      hey anders, nils and all of you, nice to know you know a bit better, and see you all in leipzig. :MPD: :cheers:

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