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      mefisto asked for tour statistics, here they are:

      28 concerts, 49 songs played (I counted the Sonnyboy Gaybar impromptu performance and the Sleepwalking and Sleepwalking Again though they were not played live):

      28: Sleepwalking

      28: Lacuna/Sunrise

      28: Running With Scissors

      28: I.M.S.

      28: Spin, Spin, Spin

      27: Big Black Dog

      25: Here Be Monsters

      24: Junior

      23: Feedtime

      21: Sleepwalking Again

      17: The Jig Is Up (Kiss The Snake)

      17: S.T.G.

      16: Superstooge

      13: Upstairs/Downstairs

      13: Cloudwalker

      12: Watersound

      12: Arne Hassle (The Bomb-Proof Roll And Beyond)

      09: Serpentine

      08: Hell, Part 1-3

      07: On A Plate

      06: Forget It

      06: Un Chien D'Espace

      05: Hogwash

      05: Sail On

      05: The Magic And The Wonder

      05: Flick Of The Wrist

      05: Blueberry Daydream

      04: Manmower

      04: Glow

      04: Nothing To Say

      04: August

      04: The Promise

      04: The Alchemyst

      04: Feel

      04: Wearing Yr Smell

      03: Year Zero

      03: Whole Lotta Diana

      03: The Waiting Game

      03: Pills, Powders & Passionplays

      03: Through The Veil

      02: Cornucopia

      02: Hyena

      02: Tuesday Morning

      02: Vanishing Point

      01: Mockingbird

      01: Mountain

      01: Wishing Well

      01: No Evil

      01: Sonnyboy Gaybar

      Krist Rampage

        Thanks a lot! I thought Kenneth played Sleepwalker. Or am i wrong?


          Thanks for the statics! Great work.

          I also think Kenneth played Sleepwalker. Looked like it at the two concerts I attended


            Maybe I was wrong? I didn't have a good view on Kenneth on stage, I am afraid.


              He always played Sleepwalking + Sleepwalking again when they were played (on a small keyboard next to his hi-hat).


                Thanks for clearing this up (at least for me)!

                boomer former helm

                  Does someone know what piece of music it was that they always played just before they entered the stage? It was such a nice classical tune…


                  It's a piece composed by Ralph Vaughan Williams called The Lark Ascending:

                  The Lark Ascending

                  boomer former helm

                    thank you so much!!!


                      How does the number of songs played compare to earlier tours? Is there a statistic tool/measure to evaluate the setlist variation?


                        We only did a tour statistics thread in 2010:



                          Somebody got a glimpse of their transport.



                          Thats pretty good!! It's a lot of room in there, for all us psychonauts to have a nice journey.

                          Also at this occasion it is time to listen all the songs from the whole Tracklist above as well.



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