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    Outgrown my hoodie (size is a (small) XL), red with yellowish print "does this text annoy" on front and Motorpsycho on back for sale now. Good used condition, see pics here. Item located in Germany but happy to send worldwide. Open for trades, too.




      so you're the same guy who's trying to sell the Terje Brekkstad’s Kosmiske Reise for 120 euros :finger:


        Would anyone going to the netherland gigs be willing to buy a copy for me? Sold out at Hamburg before I reached the merch table…


        And the same guy who wrote this some time ago, and of course, who wouldn't help out a fellow psychonaut, hmm?! So I was surprised maybe a week later Pitje007 boasted about owning both (vinyl color) versions of the Kosmike Reise…

        I wish for him somebody will buy URANUS for him next, so he can offer it for triple the prize :x

        Phoots Flower

          One more person doing business with Motorpsycho.

          Nothing new under the sun.

          But I don't think it's right to come HERE and ask for help to make one week later business

          Psychonauts will be suspicious of helping others. Sad

          Buy "The fantastic light" outside of Norway, is 20€ of shipping and adds something more if stopped in customs. I would have liked to ask fot help some psychonaut from GER but no chances if we hear news like that.


            Both version of Terje Brekkstad’s Kosmiske Reise 10" is still available to purchase from the magazine or Crispin Glover Recordshop


            Torgeir can do som package offers on the euro version so it might be cheaper to buy two considering the postage price.


            Concerning the 10", yes, I got my european copy from the Netherlands (from a nice lady I even paid more than she asked) and imported two norwegian versions from Oslo which was pretty expensive, so yes, I got one up for sale or trade. Problem?

            Wonna trade, just drop me a line, I don´t want to rip anyone off.


              "I don´t want to rip anyone off"

              no, of course not! offering a record that's not even sold out yet for double the price you paid for it when you bought it doesn't sound like a rip-off at all. :roll:

              sorry, I must have mixedup something. :wink:


              all I ever offered on this forum was for trading for other MP stuff…discogs is a whole other story…and yes, I would earn about 35€ if I sold it on discogs…


                not offering it for sale for that price on this forum is part of the story.


                Hoodie gone.

              Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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              …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994